Encouraging Your Little Artist

Some of my most poignant childhood memories begin with my mom pulling a giant brown roll of craft paper out of the hallway closet. She would tape a long strip of the wide, thick paper to the dining room table, then pass out paints, crayons, colored pencils and (if the leather tabletop protector was in place under the paper) markers. My brother, sister and I would kneel on the dining room chairs and create beautiful – well, we thought they were beautiful, and mom certainly didn’t do anything to dissuade us – pieces of toddler and little kid artwork. Even though we loved watching TV, we could usually be coaxed away without too much work, if the brown paper was rolled out!

Increasingly, children spend more and more time on computers and watching television – but one of the best ways to help your child or their playmates learn how to use their imagination instead of their remote controls is by supporting and encouraging their artistic pursuits! How can you do that? By finding and providing them with some of the highest quality easels, art centers, sketch pads and art kits available from Rosenberry Rooms’ collection of adorable goods.

Start off by creating a place where your little one can be creative in a safe environment. The Creation Station Art Center is the perfect example of this kind of piece, since it uses bright, engaging colors which small children will be drawn to, while giving them clearly-defined spots to keep artistic supplies during their creative process. Plus, moms and dads will love the fact that this table has a designated paper towel holder – the perfect detail to help teach your kids how to be creative and clean at the same time. Giving your kids – and their friends – somewhere that is a designated space where they can be messy and let their artistic side run free gives them an opportunity to really explore ideas and images that fill their imagination!

Once the basic artist’s desk is in place, it’s time to check out some of the easels that we offer, such as the Tabletop Easel in Espresso, Art Time Easel in Fire, and the 4-in-1 Floor Easel. Now that the child genius in your home is creating works of artistic expression, he or she can start combining the techniques of the old masters with the best in artistic supplies – who knows, if you can find somewhere to store all the pieces they create, you might just be locking at a retirement fund!

Finally, it’s time for the good stuff – the fun papers and sketch books that will create the canvas upon which your child’s artistic sensibility are honed. From castles to fawns, these pieces are great when it comes to giving your child the chance to start making their own patterns and images. Once you’re sure their hand-eye coordination is up to snuff, you can even have your child join you in decorating a nursery, bedroom, playroom or other area of the home with one of our wall art paint-by-number kits. Thanks to all these possibilities, you can give your child all the tools needed to bring their creative skills to life!


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