Little Nest: Modern and Exciting Seating for Kids

Remember when you were a kid, and the rest of the world seemed so out of proportion with the size of your body? Counter tops were always at eye-level, you had to stand on your tip-toes to wash your hands in the bathroom sink, and your parents’ furniture would swallow you up whole – and all the while, everyone expected you to interact with your surroundings like an adult!

Thankfully, we have a better idea of how to use ergonomics in furniture design for children now than ever before, and there are plenty of stylish ways to make sure your little one can hang out and sit down in comfort and style, whether you want them to use their furniture as another item in their playroom, or whether you want them to look chic and modern alongside grown-up versions of similar pieces.

For young children, Little Nest offers fun playroom pieces like the Giddy Up Kids Chair, a dinosaur (or is it a horse?) -shaped contraption that they can sit – er, ride – on, ready to fire up their imaginations and make them eager to spend as much time as they can playing with it!

Most of the Little Nest chair selections are a bit less eccentric than the Giddy Up chair, and would look right at home along Eames and other designer pieces from modern collections. There’s the Yolk Kids Chair, which cradles your little one in a sloped form, and the Mini-E Kids Lounge Chair for the child who always wants to sit in “Daddy’s comfy chair.” Fit your children’s room out like a flashy advertising agency with the Play Ball Kids Chair – a spherical pod chair that will encase them in a feeling of security and anticipation no matter what room you decide it should be located in.

The Le Club Kids Chair has a boxier shape, and can be matched to numerous modern designs of adult furniture, so that your child will always have a place to sit with the grown-ups – which can be a great way of encouraging polite and responsible behavior. Casual dens can benefit from the Madrid Kids Chair, with its low-slung seat, and the Little Bert Kids Chairs come in a set of two so your child can play with their friend or sibling, with both able to feel comfortable with their seating arrangements.

The final two chairs in the collection, the Cygnet Kids Chair and the Woody Kids Chair (again in a set of two), round out a catalog of stylish, modern and exciting seating solutions for kids.


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