Getting Lost In Art

I’ve always felt that instilling children with a love and respect for art is something that needs to happen from an early age if it’s going to have the most effectiveness later in life. To that end, looking at the kinds of art you put on the walls of your home can teach children a lot about their relationship to the art room, and art’s relationship to the human world. For example: if your family has large canvas classic paintings in the living room, that might set the tone of a more formal setting, perhaps one that evokes historic or familial connections.

Just as children need to learn that art has an important role to play in how we view ourselves in history, they must also be shown that art is a living, exciting, vital part of our everyday lives! Help make your son or daughter learn how to relate to art on an everyday level with some of the beautiful pieces available here from Rosenberry Rooms.

You can decorate their rooms with Canvas Reproductions and Framed Art, but you can also help your kids become involved in creating their own art with Wall Stickers and Wall Mural Kits. Wall Murals and Stickers are pieces you can use to decorate the walls of your children’s rooms, and when you’re looking for interactive art experiences you can get your son or daughter involved in creating scenes like Rhino & Friends, the Treetop Clubhouse, or more abstract pieces like the Birch Tree Silhouettes and the Large Silhouette Safari 2. Who’s checking around the edges of the closet door to keep your child safe at night? Why it can only be the Menagerie of Doorhuggers.

For casual wall pieces that add flavor, your daughter might enjoy the sophisticated Limited Edition Enchantment Barbie Art Print, or any of the other pieces in that collection. Younger children might want to check out the bright and cheerful Monkey – I Dropped My Banana Art or the other animals available in that series – all of these feature primary colors with childlike but masterful strokes of the brush.

If you want a colorful appearance but you’re not sure about you and your child’s attention span – or maybe your collective painting ability? In that case, you can depend on Rosenberry Rooms to find the perfect Pre-pasted Wall Murals for the walls of your children’s bed- and playrooms. Featuring cartoon characters like Batman and natural scenes like the Dolphin’s Paradise, these wallpapers are hung in a way similar to wallpaper. They offer the chance of having a custom mural hanging on your wall, without the time or expense of having to paint the scene yourself or hire an expensive artist. You can also choose photo-realistic views of natural features and inspiring cityscapes.

Through using these different kinds of art from Rosenberry Rooms, you can help instill a love of images and colors in your child that will develop and and grow with them.


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