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Hey Moms and Dads, have you been looking for a boutique toy manufacturer that creates products that promote literacy storytelling, imaginative play, basic match and drawing for your kids to play with? You might be in luck – Rosenberry Rooms now features products from eeBoo, a company that practices its art with exactly those ideals in mind. Available through high end retailers and museums, as well as other niche toy markets – and here, of course – eeBoo products are pieces which any parent can be happy to provide for their child, thanks to their high quality, educational aspects, and encouragement of a child’s individual creativity.

eeBoo takes a new angle on classic toys like building blocks, with their Tot Towers series (check out the Animal Sounds option if you want to get an idea for what they’re like), and watching and playing with your children as they use these toys offers the chance for parents to get involved in their children’s tactile learning process. It may not seem like a lot, but participating in your children’s play can bring you closer together through both shared experiences and quality time. eeBoo also gives you the chance to work with your kids on learning puzzles, such as the Animal Spelling Puzzle.

When it comes to décor, eeBoo gives you the chance to attach learning experiences to your children’s interests and hobbies. The Baseball Growth Chart can give little boys a way to hook their interest in sports into their personal health, and Beautiful Note Paper gives creative girls a mode of expression.

Art can be a field where children who need help building their confidence can often find acceptance, so giving your child the tools to appreciate and create art when they’re young is important if you want them to be able to fully express themselves when they’re older. Even if they’re too young or haven’t yet developed the coordination to draw their own images, coloring books and playing cards can give them visual experience and help improve hand-eye coordination.

Best of all, for those on a budget, eeBoo toys and games are affordable and high quality. There are literally dozens of options of gifts for under $20.00, with numerous choices below $10.00 as well. There are spinner games, puzzles, lacing cards, bingo and flash cards (in other languages, no less!) and so more. It’s possible to find almost any kind of educational item through this great retailer, and having discovered everything eeBoo has to offer, I’m definitely going to be paying more attention to the educational and inspirational toys that are available from Rosenberry Rooms – you should, too!


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