Bold & Unexpected Decor by Designers Guild

What makes for a room that always feels fresh and welcoming? Bold, unexpected décor that catches your eye and brings something new to your experience every time you walk through the door. Thanks to Designers Guild and Rosenberry Rooms , there are so many ways to make your rooms delight the eyes of everyone who enters them that it’s a challenge to decide which pieces to use!

Throw pillows make for whimsical accessories, particularly when they carry designs like the Ramblas Peony Pillow, available in pink and turquoise. The Barcino Pillow features wavy lines and patterns that bring to mind a day by the seaside. And the Barcelona Pillow gives a room a warm and welcoming feeling. You can use throw pillows to liven up couches and love seats, as well as easy chairs, and if you’ve selected fairly neutral shades for your walls, putting new throw pillows out every few months can make the entire feeling of a room change for a significantly lower investment than new paint or wallpaper.

For floors, particularly in homes with hard wood, sometimes wall-to-wall carpeting won’t fit your aesthetic or the feeling of your children’s rooms. However, carpets can help to make your rooms hold their temperature more easily, adding to insulation against heat or the cold, and they can also give kids a focal point that will hold their attention and help fill their imaginations. The Regents Park Rug might help nurture a child’s interest in gardening, while the Flying High Rug gives kids the chance to make believe with vintage plane illustrations. Some of the Designers Guild patterns, like Ramblas, can be seen in multiple products; this can allow you to pull together the full look of a room by using these easy-to-match sets!

For decorating your child’s bed, picking bright, colorful colors that sooth them at the same time can make a world of difference when it comes to bed times. Duvets offer easier opportunities for cleaning and another way to quickly change the look and feel of a child’s room. The Hampstead Heath Twin Duvet Set and Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Twin Duvet Set are just two of the choices to pick between. If your son or daughter just needs a blanket? There are plenty of choices there too, including the bright Floral Street Kids Blanket.

When trying to redecorate with throws and other accessories, remember to keep your color palate unified by looking for a common color that can be found in each of your decorating elements.


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