Unique Rugs for Kids

Long gone are the days when a rug was just a single (or maybe dual) –colored work of woven fabric to cover the floor. Today’s rugs offer unique ways to decorate your son or daughter’s bedroom and playroom with original shapes, engaging games and interactive play, and wonderfully personalized pieces that can change the look and feel of a whole room.

When children are young, finding ways to engage their minds and develop their skills for social interaction is one of the most beneficial things parents can do. Socialization may not be a skill that’s taught in school, but playing with their friends over a A-Z & 0-9 Interlocking Floor Mat will help them learn both counting and the alphabet; available in both large and small sizes, this and other interactive rugs can help boost a child’s confidence and interest in learning. For the playroom, picking a rug that’s laid out with the images of a town or airport lets children use other toys in a new context! Hot wheels, toy planes and Little People can make their way around both these settings, stimulating your son or daughter’s appetite for learning and social experiences.

Ever had a rug shaped like a t-shirt? With the Aloha Shirts Shaped Rug you (or rather, your kids) can! Achieve the look and feel of a hunting lodge in one corner of your child’s room with the Bamboo Bear Pelt Rug, knowing that this fur-friendly bamboo “fake” didn’t require the harming of any bears to be made. Cowboys, surfboards, dartboards and even a Hannah Montana Heart Rug can be set out on bare floors or carpeted ones to isolate small areas of the room and draw the focus of visitors to their special features.

There are literally thousands of opportunities to pick a beautiful rug for your child at Rosenberry Rooms, and finding the perfect one requires a little attention to detail. What colors does your son or daughter like, or if they’re still infants, what colors go with the rest of their room? Can you find ways to involve older children in the process of making their room their own? Rugs with wacky patterns and distinctive colors can liven up not only your child’s room, but their outlook, and by choosing the perfect rug from a website with plenty of selection, you can be sure none of the other kids in the neighborhood will have a similar style in their bedrooms!

No matter what style of rug you choose to decorate the nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms in your home, you’re sure to brighten up both your décor and your kids’ enjoyment of their home space!


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