How to Use Lighting Effectively

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One of the least expensive and most effective ways to either transform or heighten the look of your room is through making careful decisions about how you incorporate lighting into your home décor. Different kinds of rooms call for different types of lighting – for example, the soft, restful glow of a 60W bulb might be perfect for the bedroom or nursery, but in the bathroom you want a bright, clear view of yourself that makes daylight-level lights & lights with multiple options in terms of wattage desirable. Aside from the quality of the light itself, the appearance of a lighting fixture can have an effect on the style of the room.

Children’s rooms need several different types of lights in order to cater to each of a child’s different needs. During the daytime, you’re likely to want an overhead light – perhaps set into one of our ceiling fixtures, or combined with a ceiling fan. These lights offer great visibility from a single light source, while fans can help cut down on the cost of air conditioning a room in the summertime. In the evening, as you help coax your child to sleep, a floor or table lamp can help bring light – and energy – levels lower. Either of these can be decorated by a number of shades, which can be great money savers if you just need to redo a few old lamp bases.

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Once your child is ready for bed, you can look to some of the adorable night lights available at Rosenberry Rooms, finding adorable designs like the Frog Friends Nightlight or a Jellybean Tree Nightlight. These cute, creative nightlights cast a warm and cheerful glow over your child’s room at night, chasing away nightmares and helping your child ease off into their nightly slumber.

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Children’s rooms aren’t the only ones that can be transformed through light! One of the most popular places for hanging ceiling fixtures is in the dining room, where children and adults alike can admire an ornate piece as it hangs above. Look for fun pieces like the Posey Teapot Five Arm Chandelier or the Cole Double Drum Pendant Chandelier if you’re looking to decorate a more public space in the house, while a child’s playroom can be dressed up with the Clouds Overhead Light Fixture, which also goes great in a newborn’s nursery.

Although it may seem like an afterthought, including a well-designed and carefully-chosen ceiling medallion in your plans when you add new light fixtures to your rooms can help make a bare bulb look like it’s been there forever. Call on our Floral Wreath Ceiling Medallion in White, the Pink Rose Jeweled Ceiling Medallion, the more traditional Large Lauderdale Ceiling Medallion in White and many other possible selections. Each ceiling medallion displays a subtle difference from the next, allowing you to customize and change this aspect of your room’s lighting and home décor!


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