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Don’t miss out on the chance to win the Cotton Ava Toddler Chair in Moss by Jennifer DeLonge. The Ava Toddler Chair and coordinating ottoman are hip, functional and perfect for style-minded families. The recommended weight limit for this chair is 150 pounds and it was designed for ages 1-4. To enter to win please follow the steps below.

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Giveaway entry information:

1. Click HERE to register for our blog. Simply choose a username, enter your first and last name, enter your email address, and your registration will be complete. It is important that you provide your name and email address so that we can contact you if you win!
2. Post a comment about why you love Jennifer Delonge furniture or about the child who would look stylish sitting in this great chair. By writing a comment you will qualify to win the chair!

*Entries will close on May 30th, 2010 at 8pm, est. The winner will be announced on June 1st.

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  1. LeahMarie says:

    This would look so great in my son Miles’ green-and-brown room!

  2. CHANTELLE says:

    My son would really love his very own big boy chair to sit on while watching tv or reading his books. He will be 2 in June so it would be a nice birthday gift

  3. so cool, would love to put this in the playroom!

  4. duckiegrl says:

    My daughter would be absolutely adorable in this set. She’s 2 and on the smaller side and would love some stylish furniture that’s her size!

  5. andraenm says:

    This chair would be perfect for my daughter, Kate’s brand new playroom! We recently ordered the Oilo Modern Berries light fixture in spring green from you for the room and they would look great together. Did I mention that Kate will be a big sister in about 2 weeks? She’ll need a place all her own to sit and relax!

  6. photomud says:

    This would match my daughter Evie’s room, it is green, yellow and pink. I need furniture I don’t have to worry about her falling off!

  7. This chair woud be wonderful for Adrienne and I too snuggle in and is definitely a staple piece that we could hold onto for quite a while in her room!

  8. match17 says:

    I love this chair. I have 3 children at home and one on the way. I just ordered a beautiful chandelier from Rosenberry Rooms for my new nursery and this chair would complete the room perfectly! Beautiful!

  9. amylou222 says:

    This chair is GORGEOUS! I have an almost 2 year old now and a baby on the way, so it’s time to make a toddler room for my little boy so he can give his baby furniture to his future little sis. He’d love having his own brand new chair and would be excited to say bye bye to his old furniture for this! This Jennifer Delonge chair is absolutely adorable and would go great with the color scheme I have in mind for his room (lime green, light blue, tangerine, and dark blue).

  10. saradt says:

    This is SUCH a beautiful chair. I have my first baby on the way. I’ve never seen such a stylish child’s chair.

  11. mbro5070 says:

    This chair would be a beautiful addition to my girl’s room.

  12. laylasmom says:

    This set is the most stylish i’ve seen for children. My 2 year old daughter would look super cute pretending to read her books in this chair. I love love love this set.

  13. I have a young son, who is just learning how to sit so right now he likes to be in my lap, but before I know it he is going to be running, jumping, and wanting his own place to sit when he needs to take a break from his activities in order to catch his breath, flip through his books, or to watch The Muppet Show with daddy. This chair is modern chic meets Eames lines. It is a perfect chair for a growing child. I think my little guy would be incredibly lucky to win this chair, and I would be ever-so grateful for such a fine piece.

  14. carhand says:

    Wow – what I fabulous chair!!!

  15. Karen White says:

    My daughter is expecting her first child in August and presently remodeling an older
    home. Top priority is the nursery and one of Jennifer DeLonge’s creations like the Ava Toddler chair would be the perfect addition. My daughter and I admire the fusion of styles
    and function.

  16. coreesmom says:

    I love this chair and ottoman set. My baby girl will be turning 1 in July and she is getting her own room for her birthday. This would look GREAT in it, and I know she would love sitting in it while watching Yo Gabba Gabba!

  17. I would actaully love this chair in our nursury. My husband and I are expecting our fist child this Decemeber. We just bpurchased a fixer upper this past Decemeber and were planning on working on it ourselves while we both are going back to school. Now, we have a rush on getting a lot of this done so we do not have a construction zone of a house to bring our first child home to. This is one great looking modern chair and we would love it- but most importantly, money is tight and we really need it. It will look great in anyones room and best of luck to all-as I am sure they would enjoy it as much as we would!

  18. This would be an amazing gift to my daughter-in-love, who is pregnant with my grandson, Whitten, due in September. Whitten is going to be named after my Dad, who passed away in 1989. I am so proud that my son loved his grandfather so much and chooses this way to honor him! I have bought the new Mom and Dad a green rocker to snuggle with their new little bundle of joy, and this little rocker would compliment it perfectly!

  19. My daughter will finally be getting her own room just in time for her first birthday! This will be a GREAT addition to put in a little reading area near all of her books.

  20. Catherine LaBruno says:

    this would match the nursery being decorated for my granddaughter, as a widow living on social security my funds are very limited, what a wonderful gift this could be.

  21. would look so nice in my daughter’s playroom!

  22. eat_in_chicken says:

    new to rosenberryrooms and soon to be mommy for the first time…. loving what i see here. 🙂
    we’re also going to be first time homeowners in two weeks…. its due to be completed and ready for us to move in… and the first room we have to start on is the baby’s room. our colors are pink and a green (much like this chair)… 🙂

  23. I would like to have this one because we don’t have beautiful chairs like this in Brazil and there is no doubt that a child would be comfortable and happy in it. That’s why I love Jennifer Delonge, Inc.

  24. kgudeman says:

    This chair would look fabulous in my daughter’s pink and green room!

  25. Victoria says:

    I would love to have this fabulous chair. This will be my 5th child and I could really use something plush and inviting to celebrate the newest addition to our family. Otherwise…it’s hand me downs. 🙂

  26. Danielle says:

    We are shopping for a chair that is the right size for my son. It would be great for to have one just for him!

  27. Cynthia says:

    Would love this chair for my son’s room! It would look great in his room!

  28. CourtneyTidmore says:

    Super cute chair for a super cute little boy’s “train” room!!

  29. kaleidos says:

    I adore this chair along with all of Jennifer Delonge’s pieces. What I like best is the fact that the chair can work in just about any style of room, is suitable for a girl or a boy, and is perfectly sized for a child without being too precious or cutesy as way too many of the pieces designed for children are inclined to be. We are getting rooms set up for foster children of different ages and sexes, so having comfortable, unisex furniture in each room is extremely helpful!

  30. carrietalley says:

    I’m redoing my playroom and this would be perfect for the reading area. The wall color we just painted coordinates beautifully!!

  31. britt998 says:

    I absolutely love this chair! So cute! My 2 1/2 year old little girl would love it and it would look so good in her room! I love this website- You all have such cute stuff and great taste!

  32. My grandkids would never want to go home with this nice lil chair in their room we have for them.

  33. oakesrh says:

    My son would love this chair, especially for our special bedtime reading!

  34. Adorable chair! I think all 3 of my kids would love this chair but mostly my middle daughter who has a mild autism….she is in love with books and what better place to look at them than a cutsie comfy chair 😉

  35. Jessica F. says:

    This would be great in my first baby’s room. It has great lines and is the perfect way to add style to the room. I love it!

  36. bethelhb says:

    My family just became first time home owners! My 3 year old daughter will finally have her own room and not have to share with mommy and daddy! A chair this warm and inviting just might help keep her out of our bed! It is most amount of wonderful looking!

  37. This chair is exactly what I’ve been looking for. We are expecting our first child and I will be getting the On Safari crib bedding in Green and this chair would match perfectly. I hope I win so I can spend many late nights feeding the little guy in it!

  38. I love it, would look great in our green and creamsicle colored room!

  39. My daughter is sitting with me, and she saw the chair, and said “What’s that chair?!” which is her way of saying it caught her eye. I think she would love to have a chair like that in her room when we move this summer. Finally she’d have a room big enough to do something other than sleep in it!

    Thanks for all the great ideas on you blog!

  40. Look super-comfy & my son would love it. Would look perfect in his surf-themed bedroom… especially since all the accessories come from Rosenberry Rooms!

  41. Joelle Iuculano says:

    Jennifer DeLonge’s designs are definitely ones that a mother can love! This chair looks fabulous and would be proudly displayed in our baby’s nature themed nursery (she is due on June 28th). I imagine that big sister Raina would love to sit in this chair to read to her baby sister, and feel involved while I’m feeding baby in my Mommy sized glider:)

  42. jamietoddmiller says:

    We would love to add this to our new addition room for her to grow and play… Sophia would love it!! Its very classy

  43. jarrekr1 says:

    My daughter, Kate, would love this chair. She’s such a sweet little girl and it would be great for her to have such a sweet chair all to herself!

  44. emilyfoxy says:

    The chairman of our household would very much welcome a chair that befits her station!

  45. My daughter has definitely outgrown her bumbo and is ready for a big girl chair! I love that this chair is beautiful as well as functional. Just what we’re looking for!

  46. Erika McCarthy says:

    My son Atticus is turning 2 on June 10th and for his birthday I want to give him a big boy room! I’ve been researching and getting different ideas, when I came across this chair. It ebodies the idea of what I want his room to be. modern and sophisticated, yet young and fun! I love it and he will too.

  47. waldolove says:

    WE would love to have Jennifer Delonge toddler chair!
    It would be a great addition to our 2 year olds room and she would love to curl up with a good book & snuggle with her sister !

    love the fresh color & beautiful design!

  48. we would love to win this, it would go great in either of my daughter’s rooms or our main living space. It would be a great place for my girls to sit on and watch tv or snuggle with thier favorite stuffed animal bunnies!

  49. michelle rodriguez says:

    This modern style toddler chair is classic. It would look great in any room in our house. I especially love the sage green color.

  50. mmathews says:

    My son loves to read. He is not quite 2 yet and he loves to sit and flip through his favorite pop-up and picture books. I would love for him to have a great chair to match his jungle themed bedroom for him to enjoy his books. We just redid his room with a big boy bed and furniture. The modern look is perfect and the color is matches his jungle animals/earth/neutral-toned room.

  51. CINTIAJAS says:

    My son is 14 months! He will love this chair to watch Barney and Baby Signing Times as well as read his favorite books.

  52. samsmom says:

    The Ava Toddler Chair by Jennifer Delonge would be the perfect chair for my son, who is 22 months and loves to read…or look at…books. And he loves climbing on ottomans.

    It would be the perfect addition to the decor of our basement which we are almost done renovating (but running out of funds to furnish because of some flood damage).

  53. This chair would be a beautiful addition to my 2 year old daughter’s room. With our new addition arriving in the next 4 weeks we will be moving our rocking chair out of her room and we would love to replace it with this adorable sophisticated big kid chair!

  54. rosie williams says:

    my little girl is 16 mos old she would love this chair. She loves to be read to, its great. It would brighten up her room.

  55. sunrise says:

    My 14 month old daughter would love sitting in this chair in her new room. She LOVES watching Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets and Laurie Berkner while drinking out of her new sippy cup. This would be a great addition to her new room!!

  56. Love the clean lines on this chair. Can you feed it some steroids so I it will fit me !

  57. What an adorable chair! We just moved to the North Shore of Massachusetts from the Midwest, and I am going to decorate my son’s room with a bright modern ocean theme. He just turned 2 and already loves the beach. This would fit in perfectly with the color scheme!

  58. Michelle says:

    Sleek, modern lines and bright colors make Jennifer Delonge furniture pop. We could just imagine it in our reading area as our sons reading chair!

  59. Tandaceb says:

    The Ava Toddler chair by Jennifer Delonge has combined a sleek look with functional design. It is the perfect little chair for reading, relaxing or watching a movie with the family!

    Our two little ones would love to read their favorite books while sitting in this chair. Its the perfect addition to their room.

  60. hhanitz says:

    My 2 yr old and 1 year old could both use this chair…they love to have things “my size”. It would fit in perfectly with my color scheme in our living room!

  61. Teresa Porter says:

    Beautiful chair….my soon to be 7 year old daughter is a little bookworm and it will be the perfect place for her to dive into her favorite books.

  62. I love how Jennifer DeLonge furniture blends into the home without looking too cutesy. I have a 2 yr. old daughter named Ava who would absolutely love this chair. She loves to read and is always pulling a step stool up to my big chair so she can climb up and read in it. This would fit her perfect!

  63. My son is 14 months an dLOVES to climb. I can see him climbing up and down the chair, chasing our two cats all over it!

  64. lettie1978 says:

    My three year old son recently told me he needs a “reading chair”. When he was younger, the couch suited his needs (for watching TV). But now that he is older, I guess he has decided he needs his own chair! 😉 He would absolutely LOVE this Jennifer Delonge chair! 🙂

  65. My daughter would absolutely LOVE this!!! 🙂 She is all about getting books together and reading in her own space. She turns 3 in September, what a great gift! Adorable!

  66. Maricela says:

    This chair would fit perfect in my daughters modern bedroom to read her bed time stories

  67. Angela Saragusa says:

    Absolutely adorable chair! My daughter is at that age now when she wants to climb on the furniture, and to have her very own chair would be such a treat for her. To have such a beautiful one would be a treat for the family!

  68. my 2 year olds room is Poohs hundred acre wood, including a room size rug map of the woods, this will match perfect : }


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