Easy Themes for A Boy's Room

“Mom,” your son says, and feel free to insert your preferred nomenclature (mommy, Barbara, whatever) in place of that one, “I want my room to be full of space aliens.” And it’s begun. The long, difficult negotiation where your precious boy tries to get posters of aliens and other branded merchandise into his space, turning a room of your house into a commercial for the action figures from a Saturday morning cartoon. While it’s important to acknowledge your children’s individual tastes and interests, particularly in their bedrooms and leisure spaces, it’s equally important that they understand the importance of a tastefully decorated home.

By choosing basic, neutral colors, you can use a few pieces of artwork and wall hangings to change the motif of a room easily. In this case, the wall hangings can include pieces such as the Cowboys Canvas Reproduction, and the America’s Old West Canvas Reproduction. Thanks to subtle details like the Bandana Frame, you can use accent pieces to fit a room out in your son’s preferred theme without having to resort to branded merchandise that disrupts the carefully sculpted energy of your home.

Ahoy, ahoy! Pirates have gotten a lot of attention in popular culture over the last few years, and this fun oceanic motif can bring a sense of adventure into a young boy’s room. Look at pieces like the Pirate’s Cove Treasure Map Traceable Wall Mural, which can help encourage kids to learn about geography thanks to its representation of the world, when you consider how to bring your son’s love of pirates into his room. You can also use eye-catching details such as the Pirates Chandelier to give children’s rooms an edge without installing permanent fixtures that will affect the long-term design plans you have for the house.

Outer Space
Jokes about aliens aside, an interest in outer space makes for an excellent opportunity to teach your child about the universe. This can open gateways to better engagement with science, math, and physics. Encourage your son to move his fascination with aliens and monsters into focus with the Outer Space Oopsy Daisy canvas reproduction, or the Space Explorers I Canvas Reproduction, either of which will help ignite passions for the planets and scientific advancement.

At some point in his life, almost every boy (and many girls) go through periods of fascinations with dinosaurs; these prehistoric beasts set our imaginations on fire. Try the Organic Crib Bedding Set in a dinosaur theme – the tiny dino footprints are too cute to pass up, and the overall design is pleasant and soothing to look at. you can also use the Dinosaurs Graphic Banners to bring a modern-art-inspired look into the room of a child who loves these ancient lizards! Did ever a more tasteful, classy dino-cessory exist?

Whatever theme is the current “must-have” of your son, Rosenberry Rooms has the decorative solutions to keep it classy for mom and dad but still interesting, engaging and fun for him!


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