Pantone Color of 2010: Turquoise

Chloe sphereThink of the calming ocean view of a tropical beach, a scene that makes every muscle in your body unclench and relax. As you unwind in your sunshine-filled paradise, take note of the color of the water. What’s that shade, that green-blue hue that brings luster and romance to your equatorial paradise? Why, it’s turquoise – PANTONE 15-5519 TCX, to be precise. Named the “color of the year” by the company that determines the very color palate of the world we live in, Turquoise is flattering and gender-appropriate on both men and women (and boys and girls!), and most people find it to be a calming shade that pairs easily with other colors. At Rosenberry Rooms, this assumption certainly seems to be easily upheld, thanks to numerous products designed to delight sons, daughters, moms, dads and more!

Every parent knows the value of a well-mblack and white birdiesade diaper bag, and the Broadway Diaper Bag – Chocolate Graffiti With Turquoise Lining is one of several options you can use for hauling baby’s changing supplies. Another is the Eleanor Messenger Diaper Bag in Egret Turquoise, which even features a beautiful Egret painted on its side!

Picture frames, area rugs and Junior Beanbags also come in this terrific color. Choosing one color to use as a base for your room décor can help focus the look of not just a room, but your entire home, and since turquoise matches shades like brown, yellow, orange and green so well, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one color.

Lamps can feature a hint of the shade, like with the Sassy Table Lamp in Royal Pumpkin with Turquoise Ribbon and Orange Flower, while canvas reproductions of tattoos make great artwork choices for decorating walls. Even Mom and Dad can follow this turquoise trend by getting in on the action with an Adult Manhattan Rocker Glider Chair!

pond street pillowIf your child’s room is newly decorated and you’re not looking to completely redo things just yet, think about adding turquoise to their room in small ways, through the use of details like Turquoise Mix Drawer Knobs and Turquoise and Chocolate Peg Boards. When you’re using a bright color like Turquoise, you don’t necessarily need to use much of it in order to highlight a room, and adding little splashes here and there can go a long way without straining the budget. Get your kids involved, perhaps looking at the items in their room that do need to be replaced, then choose replacements from among the turquoise-colored pieces at Rosenberry Rooms!

No matter how you choose to bring Pantone’s 2010 Color of the Year into your life, you’ll find that its presence will start to have a calming effect on you and your family from the moment it’s brought into your home. Offering a light, playful feeling to playrooms and a soothing, calming effect in bedrooms, we have Pantone to thank for reminding us about how much we all love Turquoise!


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