Fun & Easy Decorating with Wall Stickers & Murals

Plenty of my friends, when faced with a desire to change the look of their homes, have forgotten about some of the simplest and most effective tools new parents can use to transform their children’s spaces. Wall stickers cost a fraction of the price of new wallpaper or paint, they’re easy to apply and personalize, and they give your home a feeling of spontaneous creativity. For renters, they can also offer a way to decorate wacotton candy landlls without upsetting the landlord. Murals, which are sort of like paint-by-numbers for your children’s rooms, let you and your kids share a creative activity. Lucky for everyone else having decorating dilemmas out there, Rosenberry Rooms offers numerous designs for both products; enough to satisfy even the choosiest kid – or Mom!

If you’re worried about marking up the walls, fun stickers may be your best option. Wall stickers are fun, whimsical images painted – often by hand – onto vinyl. They can be attached to the wall, “sticking” in place until such a time as the room’s owner wants them removed; then they’re simple to peel off and take somewhere else. Murals, on the other hand, are painted on – so they tend to be a little more permanent in nature and require a little more clean-up if you move out.

One of my favorite things about wall stickers and murals is how they can be chosen and coordinated to fit the theme of your child’s room. Got a fan of sea life in your home? You’ll find that the Anemone Field Wall Stickers, Angelfish Wall Stickers, Blue Coral Reef Wall Stickers and Blue Fish Wall Stickers – not to mention the other sea creature wall stickers available at Rosenberry Rooms – will compliment this theme and heighten the sensation of being in a relaxing ocean. If your children are still small enough to enjoy cartoons and fantasy lands, thesleepy timen they might like to have the walls in their playroom covered in Cotton Candy Land Castle & Clouds Wall Stickers.

If you and your child enjoy artistic activities, but find that your talents lie in realms that have more structure, you might enjoy working together to create a mural onto the wall of your child’s room. An At Bat Wall Mural Kit might give a father and son a chance to grow closer, while the Ballerina Wall Mural Kit brings a little girl’s fantasies right into her room; you can also choose murals to liven up a room’s color scheme as with the Flower Fairies Mural. If you want your kids to have a religious influence in their playroom, look at options like the Noah’s Ark Wall Mural Kit or inspire your daughter to sport stardom with a Soccer Girl Mural Kit. You might also get a laugh out of watching which murals kids choose for their own walls, particularly if your kids share a room. A nighttime scene can help lull younger children to sleep and make them less dependent on their parents’ company when it’s time for lights out.

Whatever option you choose to add color and interest into your child’s room, remember the most important thing about these wall stickers and mural kits is how fun they are – so enjoy yourself while choosing the right one!


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