Winter Sports Themed Decor for Boys

While many of us try to avoid being out in winter weather, with the snow, wind, and icy roads or sidewalks to traverse, our little guys don’t seem to mind at all. They appear impervious to the cold while they are playing, and enjoy participating in hockey, skiing, sledding, some snow football, and the obligatory snowball battles whenever possible. When they get home, a hot meal and a cozy place to warm up are what they enjoy the most. Outfitting their room or play area with winter and ice sports themed décor gives them the opportunity to regroup while keeping their passion alive for their favorite winter sport or activity. While wall paint or carpet colors are rather permanent, it’s easy to decorate boys’ rooms with items for winter that can be rotated through the year with quilts, rugs, wall art, and more, for a timely and affordable seasonal approach. Consider these selections from Rosenberry Rooms, or peruse others online until you find the items your son will love.

Hockey PendantThis Hockey Pendant Light Fixture is very cool! It’s a hanging hockey rink with a see-through span of plastic “ice” with a scoreboard hovering over it. No doubt your young hockey enthusiast will be inspired by this unique fixture, and after turning it out for the night, will drift into pleasant dreams in which he scores the winning goal to thunderous shouts of “USA, USA!”

While he’s dreaming of glory, he’ll be kept snug and warm by the Hockey Quilt with Pillow Sham boy’s bedding. This cozy bed and pillow cover set is made from 100% cotton face cloth with cotton fiber backing for comfort, warmth and durability, and has a true all-American feel to it. Various sizes and accessories are available, including valance and dust ruffle, so the theme may be extended throughout the room.

Team Ticket hockeyThe Team Ticket – Hockey Canvas Reproduction by Oopsy Daisy would be a wonderful gift to present to a child after he’s been taken to a professional hockey game as a birthday gift of reward for great grades! He can pin the ticket stub to this handsome, professionally painted canvas, and the day will be etched in his memory – and high quality acrylic paint – forever. No framing required, and no breakable glass, means this is the right kind of art for an active youngster’s space. Other great winter sports canvasses are available, so you’ll find the one that fits your child’s tastes in sports or art work colors.

If your little sports enthusiast enjoys sitting on the floor to read his favorite sports magazine or watch his favorite team in action on the ice, the Hockey Rug by the Rug Market will give him a warm place he can really sinkSki Racer Decal his toes into. This handsome wool rug is made with a double, durable canvas backing for long-lasting enjoyment, and it’s just the right size for curling up or stretching out. A larger version is available, too, for larger guys to recline on, or for little guys to share with a buddy.

But remember that it’s not all hockey in the winter! Downhill ski racing provides lots of speed and thrills for young sports fans, whether they are on the hill or watching the best in the world tackle some incredibly tough mountains. The Ski Racer Wall Decal and the Ski Racer Magnet will inspire full-speed pursuit of his dreams, on the hill, in the classroom, or on whatever course he chooses.

When the season changes and your son’s passions drift on to baseball, don’t panic because there are plenty of decor options there, too, making it easy for you to to update his room with wonderful bedding choices, accessories, and room décor.


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