Unique & Chic Baby Gear by Inglesina

Who out there is looking for a new stroller or high chair hasn’t wondered where all the sharp, cool, funky décor items are hiding? It turns out, they’re all over at Inglesina on Rosenberry Rooms! This chic, fashionable designer manages to find ways to make even the most unaClassica in Pinkppealing pieces of baby furniture (changing tables, anybody?) Just because you’ve got kids doesn’t mean your taste has to go out the window, and the collection of products Rosenberry Rooms has collected from Inglesina helps to prove exactly that.

The strollers from Inglesina are out of this world, equipped with every tool a mom or dad could possibly need to make sure their angel stays safe and comfortable while out “strolling” around. Instead of worrying about how your stroller will look, or whether it has enough storage to help you get through your day without making a pit stop at the house, you’ll be out enjoying the neighborhood with your little one. My favorite happens to be the Classica Stroller in pink, though really all three of the available colors are darling and compliment my own personal style. Thanks to its high wheels and imaginative look – it makes me feel like I’m wheeling down a street in Ye Olde Times – while looking tres chic, of course.

Rocking Chair GraphiteWorking out or doing chores around the house can feel a lot more efficient if you don’t have to worry about your baby in the playpen or another room all the while. Instead, you can use one of Ingelsina’s Loft Rocking Chairs – the graphite one fits best in our workout room, thanks to the colors of the equipment – to let your baby cheerfully squirm and bounce their way through your workout or clean-up. I love this piece in particular because it reminds me of the bouncy chair I had when I was little, and of how happy I look in my own Fast Table in Redbaby pictures. Kids love the sensation of movement, particularly predictable rocking sensations, and this chair makes that safe, womb-like feeling easy to evoke no matter what mommy and daddy are up to.

While all of the Inglesina pieces that Rosenberry Rooms offers are great, the one I have to pick purely for its coolness factor is the Zuma Highchair in Lime. This thing is the Porsche of high chairs. It’s got zippy wheels, a cool handle, a laid-back seat that helps keep it balanced and safe, and even a hot, lime-colored cushioned seat for baby to sit in! What kid wouldn’t love to be up in this high chair, cruising the room, eating cheerios one at a time (and every so often dropping ‘em on the floor for yours truly to pick up). It’s only possible rival in the coolness department is the Fast Table Chair in Red because one, it’s so easy to use and two, it’s in red. Then again, the wheels on the Zuma Highchair can make for an entertaining evening of zipping around the kitchen – AFTER baby’s asleep, of course!


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