Three Popular Themes for Girls Rooms

Butterfly RockerGirls can find all kinds of ways to express themselves – with your help, your daughter can even make her room her canvas! Let your daughter play an active role in deciding what kind of room she wants, and help encourage her creatively by looking at some popular themed decor for girls’ rooms. Whether you outfit her room from floor to ceiling with one motif, or you choose to blend the terrific and colorful room decorations available from Rosenberry Rooms, your daughter will find her new room to be the perfect place for her to relax, unwind, and explore her imagination.

Bugs might not be the first idea that pops to mind when thinking about popular themes for girls’ rooms, but Butterflies certainly can be! Decorating a girl’s room with butterflies can remind her that even the most awkward of humble caterpillars eventually bursts from its cocoon with radiant wings, such as Payton Ballerina Clockthose pictured in a Flying Butterflies Rug, or the whimsical creatures that dance across the Butterflies Overhead Light Fixture. If she’s a reader, help her prop her books between Butterfly Bookends – and if she’s not, try to tempt her toward reading with them instead! Step-up-stools and Butterfly Rockers can help your daughter’s room become a place where she can play, as well.

Help your daughter start thinking about her career ambitions with a Ballerina themed room. From bedding sets such as the gorgeous Ballerina set by Doodlefish to clocks and even dolls, there are plenty of sweet and pretty touches to layer into her everyday life. Help your daughter keep her room clean with a Toe Shoes Storage Bin, and let her enjoy curling up to read in her Painted Ballerina Iron Bed by the light of her Ballerina Fairy Frog Lamp. Whether she dances in thBlue Ribbon Framed Arte third-grade recital or as the star of Swan Lake, a room full of ballet mementos will always give her fond memories.

So many girls love animals, and the old joke about every princess wanting a pony can be brought to life with our Horses theme bedroom décor. Horse Easy-Stick Wall Art Stickers let your daughter take the lead in decorating her walls; creative expression is critical for girls at a young age, and both these and other delightful items, such as the Pony Plush Pillow Purse will give her hours of fun. Tables and chairs, stuffed animals and stunning artistic pieces for the wall all offer ways to bring these fine four-legged animals into both a girl’s bedroom and her heart. There are amazing options for beds – for babies, toddlers, and even older girls – that are heirloom quality to last for years!

If you plan to use one of these popular themes for girls’ rooms in your own home, make planning the renovation a family affair. Give your daughter the chance to make her mark on her bedroom, and she’ll be ready to make her mark in life, at any age, no matter where she goes.


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