Maura Daniel Lighting: Timeless & Gorgeous

When you walk into a room, the first thing you do is turn on the light – but have you really thought about how effective lighting can be in changing the mood of the home you and your family live in? Maura Daniel offers lighting solutions that are whimsical, formal, or practical, all while being well-designed.

lulu sconcepetit floral shadeYou can get creative with your lighting by choosing one of Rosenberry Rooms’ Maura Daniel wall sconces; the Lulu Single Sconce brings Victorian charm into a nursery or playroom, and is available in multiple colors. For a more ornate look, the Lulu Double Sconce combines two light sources in one charming wrought-iron-style design. Once you’ve picked the sconce for your room, you can move on to selecting its shade from among the Petite Queen and Petite Floral shade collections.

If you need to add light without adding wiring, table lamps offer a great opportunity to add to a room’s flare – and Maura Daniel offers a number of creative, classic, and stylish designs. Available in a range of heights – small, medium and tall – the Uma Crystal Lamp combines colored globes with a distinctive and inspiring lamp shades – the Uma Clear Crystal series even adds a cool, mod pattern to the shade! For a girl’s room or nursery, the Charlotte Lamp adds floral detailing to the shade, making this lamp one of the more ornate offerings from this timeless designer.Mars Chandelier

Sometimes, a room’s lighting fixtures are just too old and outdated to make us feel cozy, and when this is the case a Ceiling Pendant from Maura Daniel can help dress up the look of the room. The Classic Silver Crystal Pendant and Mars Pink Crystal Pendant are my personal favorites, but all the options are beautiful – and beautifully crafted.

Finally, if you’re looking for a dramatic way to make a statement with the lighting in your home, what better way to do it than to hang a Chandelier in a prominent area? Give your baby something beautiful to look at in the nursery or decorate a social area of your home, such as a foyer or sitting room, with one of the many gorgeous chandeliers like the Georgia in Butter, Mimi in Gold, Chloe in Pink and Eleanor in Antique White from this amazing designer. If you need a striking modern look instead of an ornate one, try the Mars Brushed Nickle Chandelier is the perfect option.

People tend to forget how much of an effect lighting can have on our experience of a room, so looking at changing the mood and feel of your home through a change in your lighting fixtures can be an effective (and comparatively inexpensive) way to redecorate. Whether you need a new lampshade or a new floor lamp, Maura Daniel lighting options from Rosenberry Rooms are some of the most fashionable and well-produced pieces available on the market today. Why not check them out and see what you might like to add to your home decorating plans?


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