Basic Must-Have Décor Pieces

Juggling all of the variables that go together when designing the look of a room can challenge even the most enthusiastic shcarolineopper, particularly because there are so many items needed to pull together a memorable personal space. By looking after the individual elements in a room’s design, and discerning the function of each piece, it becomes possible to break this effort down into achievable steps. What do you think of when you think about decorating a room? Does your attention drift naturally to furniture, art, rugs, lighting, bedding, or accessories? All these elements need to be aligned with one another in order to complete a room’s design. But how do they all fit together?

Any room begins as a blank slate, and furniture is one of the best indicators for the purpose of the room – as well as the objects that make a room a pleasure to use. Think about it: the furniture you’d purchase for a bedroom is different from what you’d need for a rec room or family room, because each room is used for a different purpose. By choosing memorable and delightful furniture pieces, you can make each room and its purpose well-defined – and designed!

mini damask rugRugs serve two purposes in a room, fulfilling obligations of function (softening the floor and helping to insulate the room) and form (being objects of beauty that help set the emotional tone of a space). In children’s rooms, light patterns with playful imagery like in the Blue Night Sky Rug can put your child at ease both when they’re on their own, and at bedtimes. Both solid colored rugs and rugs with patterns can add an air of calm to a bathroom or playroom. Artwork, which can be created from posters, photographs, prints, and even wall hangings can be used to help liven up broad expanses of empty wall, and also provide opportunities for you to show guests your kids’ interests and tastes.mocha wall sconce

Specific types of rooms have specific requirements, as indicated in the discussion of furniture, above. For bedrooms, bedding is an essential element of the furnishings which can have a direct effect on how the room feels and even how it is used. When designing a room for your children, deciding whether to use a single bed or a bunk/guest bed can make a big difference on the styles and patterns you choose.

In any kind of room, the finishing touches are lighting pieces and accessories. These can include floor lamps, wall sconces, as well as other types of lighting. Each light fixture can change the appearance of a room through the use of shadows and colors, so picking a lighting fixture that matches your intentions can help change your room’s look dramatically. Accessories, meanwhile, can provide useful functions while adding to the rooms decor. From the trash can you use to keep things tidy to the eye-catching mirror, each plays a specific roll in the overall feel of the finished room.

By looking at these elements individually when first putting together a room from scratch, creating a well-designed room becomes an easy task to complete!


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