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car dish setDishes can be an integral part of many social occasions, whether you’re serving brunch on your best china or sipping a nice glass of Cabernet in front of the television at night. While it will probably be years before your kids have to think about doing either one of those specific things, that doesn’t mean they can’t already find special meaning in a special set of dishes! Who doesn’t remember a favorite plate, bowl, mug, cup or glass from when they were younger? Whether you were a girl scout with a set of tin cooking plates or a little boy who had a special mug at his grandparents’ house, the dishes you ate from made, at times, a bigger impression on your psyche than the food that sat upon them.

Such can be the cCylinder lampase for your children if you find the perfect style and color dish to give them happy memories of childhood meals. Alex Marshall Studios offers a number of adorable dish sets, from their character 3-piece dish set in multiple colors and designs, which features small (you guessed it!) characters carefully painted onto each piece, to their silhouette 3-piece dish set, painted with both a child’s name and designs of plants, cars and other fun designs. Both these styles offer kids a delightful and imaginative way to enjoy their meals, while also providing a keepsake of their childhood that they can hold on to as they grow older. For those parents who want something a little more in line with their own sense of modern style, there’s even the plain, circle-based set. With options for free personalization that lets you add your son or daughter’s name to the front of the place, these functional, modern and stylish keepsakes will stay with your kids for years to come! What’s more, they’re child-sized, for perfect portions every time!

If hand painted dishes aren’t quite what you’re looking for, but you still love the aesthetic of Alex Marshall Studios’ Coin bank bunnydesigns – and who wouldn’t – then you have to check out the lamps and coin banks that are also available from this designer. Like the dishes, the sphere and cylinder lamps – like the Green Dinosaur lamp – contribute a delicate and fun sensibility to the design scheme when added to a child’s playroom or nursery. The collection of coin banks finishes off this amazing line and come in fun and unique shapes – including blue car and pink bunny – helping to make saving fun for your child. There is space for personalization for both the lamps and the coin banks, allowing you to truly make them your child’s very own.

In this age of disposable consumerism, it’s hard to find lasting, beautiful pieces that can stay with your child throughout their lives. Add one or more of the pieces by Alex Marshall Studios that’s available here at Rosenberry Rooms, to create an instant keepsake for your child to treasure. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be passing on stories to their own kids about how their parents taught them to treasure such beautiful, well-made, and perfectly conceived pieces of tableware and unique accessories – you can start your very own family tradition!


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