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Damask Playground Rug

Rugs are versatile accent items that can add a touch of warmth, a splash of color, or the perfect design complement to any room. Put one or two on the floor and they can bring the rest of the room to life by picking up colors or designs. There is such a wide selection of quality rugs available that finding the right one can be difficult only because of the many choices!

Shag rugs offer warmth and thick, cozy comfort every time your youngster stands on one. They function wonderfully in front of a sink, by the side of the bed, or under the desk or table where work is done. Plenty of colors and various sizes offer unlimited decorating potential, while many hand-dyed and hand-tied choices place quality and beauty underfoot.

Signs Multi

Signs Multi Rug

Plenty of rugs exude feminine colors and styles any young lady would be happy to have in her bedroom or play space. Girls Rugs feature styles and shapes in which pinks, purple tones, rosy reds, vibrant yellows, and soft pastels abound. The Spin Loop Tufted Wool Rug is as fun to sit on as it is to look at. A field of multi-colored circles dots the rug, which is warm and soft, creating an inviting spot to sit and read, play, or chat with dolls or a best friend. Rug-making professionals produce these works of art that will prove to be durable keepsakes in years to come. Select various sizes of this splendid style and enjoy the one that fits just right.

Tree Multi

Tree Multi Rug

Boys will enjoy handsome rug creations found in the Boy’s Rugs category. Bold colors and manly patterns are the norm. Styles and shapes include everything from lions, to modes of transportation, to sports themes and more. The Classic Compass Rug in Navy will accent any travel theme or décor that features blue or neutral tones. Nejad Rugs features a whole line of beach and nautical themes in boy-friendly colors and designs. Shags, play mats, round rugs, rectangles, and many more interesting varieties offer something for every style and each room where boys sleep, play, or study.

Our World

Our World Rug

Patterned rugs offer excitement and variety, great looks, and even some educational opportunities! The Tree Multi Large rug is offered in two styles, and features textured, rich knap that invites bare feet tired legs looking for a place to rest. The rich tones are pleasing to the eye, featuring a classic owl design that is back in style. The Our World Oopsy Daisy Hand Tufted Rug will give your kids the chance to sit and ponder the world in which they live, both figuratively and literally. This award-winning map design from respected children’s artist Donna Ingemanson is colorful, intelligent, and lots of fun to ponder. There’s room for two on this masterpiece, which would make a great choice for your child’s reading or study area. Throw a couple of bean bags onto this rug and it sets just the right tone for learning and discovery.

When searching for attractive, comfortable, functional kid’s rugs, many parents find the selection at Rosenberry Rooms to offer fantastic variety and quality. In addition to the styles and types of rugs that have been mentioned, they also offer striped rugs that add zest wherever they’re placed, interactive rugs featuring numbers and letters to inspire learning, shaped rugs like the zebra or lion prints, a collection of play mat rugs, and looks that range from the traditional to the contemporary.


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