Unique Beds for Boys & Girls

Hampton Pointe Bookcase BedA safe and comfortable place to sleep can help boys and girls get more and better quality rest, which can help them perform better both socially and academically. To help add a dash of fun to your child’s room while at the same time maximizing their storage and play options, you can choose some of the beds available at Rosenberry Rooms. The children’s beds you Dollhouse Bedwill find here come in many unique designs, in both wood and iron options.

The Hampton Pointe Bookcase bed offers a stylish and timeless look for the girl who loves to read. Plenty of compartments allow her to keep her favorite books, collectibles and other decor close by her. For the socially outgoing, the Harmony Espresso Twin Bunk Bed sets a girl up perfectly to share her room with a friend or sibling, or gives her the option of choosing which level to sleep on each night.  Another truly special and unique piece for girls is the Dollhouse Bed, which is sure to fire your daughter’s imagination and give her a healthy space to exercise her imagination.

French DaybedFor boys, consider purchasing an adaptable and solid captain’s bed, which gives you plenty of storage options with drawers and cubbies to display his favorite things. Another space-saving option for boys is the sleek French Daybed which features a sleek roll-out compartment that pops up as a second mattress. Perfect for siblings or sleepovers, this daybed is also a fun place to hang out and read books during the daytime.

BenningtonChildren of both genders and all ages will enjoy loft bed systems that maximize the space they have available in their rooms. There are as many types of loft bed designs at Rosenberry Rooms as there are children to sleep in them among our customers’ families, allowing you to search until you find the perfect one.The Elite Classics Loft creates the perfect space for your child’s desk right under their bed, in a simple and contemporary design. The ultimate space saving comfort zone for your child is the Bennington Loft which offers two three shelf bookcases and a 5 drawer dresser that fit compactly underneath a twin or full bed.

Picking a bed that suits your home’s design scheme might seem like quite the challenge, but the multiple finishes and styles make it easier to choose color schemes that will compliment the other rooms of your home, even as your children are expressing their individual personalities throughout their rooms. Whether you choose a whimsical bed with animal designs across its headboard in wrought iron or a piece of furniture that will adapt to your child’s changing needs, looking through the wide array of choices of beds available here will help you understand your options before making that final decision.


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