Three Popular Themes for Boys Rooms

For some people, putting together a decorative scheme for their kids’ rooms comes naturally. For others, having a theme to bCar Clockuild the room around can help focus choices of color and pattern, as well as help make it easier to choose pictures and other fun accent pieces. Rosenberry Rooms offers a number of items for themed rooms – here are some great ways to help your son personalize a room he’ll love throughout his childhood.

Decorating a room with cars and trucks not only offers a positive way for your son to explore an interest in mechanics and engineering, but it can help ignite his imagination as well! Start his room off with a basic rug in blue and ivory with Club Chair and Ottomancars printed along the border, then decorate his bed with a Metro Quilt and Pillow Sham. Every race car driver needs to keep track of the time, so a clock is a necessity to help your child learn responsibility and punctuality. Sometimes the smallest touches can bring the most delight to a room, such as the Blue Car Aluminum Drawer Knob that can be added to the dressers and closet door handles already in place in your son’s room. With all the detailed pieces available from Rosenberry Rooms, your son will even be able to blow his nose with a tissue from a Car Tissue Box Cover!

What if your child’s tastes run to the more antiquated? If your son prefers a horse-drawn buggy to a Model-T, then maybe a room with a Cowboy theme will make them enjoy hours of using their imagination. Lamps, chandeliers door hangers, and even a cowboy-themed Club Chair and Ottoman help dress up the area your child calls their own, and when they’re ready to go to bed at night your kids can snuggle up under the covers in their Country Western Bedding Set, where they can settle in for a night of cowboy-themed dreams inspired by their bedroom’s décor.Boat Toddler Cot

Has your little wild thing been nursing dreams of setting out to sea? The hero of the classic children’s tale, “Where the Wild Things Are,” sets out to sea in a tiny boat – and with a Retro Rocker–Runabout, your little darling can imagine he’s pushing out into the waves, in search of a new, imaginary playmates. Carpeting can be found in abundance at Rosenberry Rooms, from Classic Compass Rugs in multiple colors, including Navy and Ivory, or a Mariner Rug you can use to help teach your son about how to find their way at sea (well, at imaginary sea, at least) while they lie on their Boat Toddler Cot or under their High Seas Standard Sham, for older kids.

Thanks to the educational themed products at Rosenberry Rooms, there are plenty of ways to dress up your child’s bedroom using any of these imaginative, engaging, and inspirational home décor themes.

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