Inspired & Animated Watercolors: Mishmish Studio

Surf GrommetAre you looking for colorful nursery art that will continue to please your child as years pass? What about art that’s appealing to toddlers and young children, but has an extra something that makes it equally interesting to older kids and adults? Check out the Mishmish Studio Collection at Rosenberry Rooms for an array of uncommonly radiant prints that, while simple in design, pack a powerful punch when it comes to that all-important infusion of happy energy.

A distinctive feature of these compositions is that they’re created with watercolors. A medium that’s considered difficult to work with, Mishmish creator Susie Lubell makes it look easy. The artist gets her inspiration directly from kids, and it comes across in the paintings with remarkable clarity. Lubell’s prints are so eleFrogctric with sparkling hues that there’s little need for complexity in the illustrations.

A cheery and playful mood characterizes these designs. The colors themselves are upbeat and the illustrations of fanciful animals like Gopher and outdoor scenes like Lighthouse are especially attractive to children. Personalized pieces like Imagine add more visuals and include inspirational quotes. Personalized prints give the option to add a name, birth date, monogram, or favorite motto with up to 100 characters. The optional black frames nicely compliment the dazzling colors, but you can also go with frames in White or Birch.

One of the many attractions about this collection is that you can use several pieces in one room to create swirls of color. Enliven a nursery or kids’ room that’s decorated in neutrals without overpowering or compromising the softness of subdued coloration. The Mishmish pieces are gentle and alive at the same timOn the Goe. I would personally choose a grouping of the Duck, Cat, and Frog Art Prints, but the Fish and Crow could also be added. Any of these prints would be charming in a child’s bathroom or a fun way to add personality to playrooms.

Another way to create a compatible grouping is to choose one of the personalized pieces like the adorable Snuggle Bugs and match it with a few of the other works like Turtle and Dog to create a uniform look that’s also individual.

Personalized works liSweet Morningke the whimsical road scene in On The Go are enhanced with sayings like, “The journey is the reward.” “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you” by Walt Whitman adds to the brilliance of the My Sunshine Art Print.

The Sweet Morning print with blazing sun says, “From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame” by Jenna Ruby. “Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate love” by Wilfred Peterson lends immeasurable magic to the sweet lion on the Little Leo Print. These inspirational quotes strike a chord of imagination and vision in little ones.

Pretty Mishmish watercolor prints from Rosenberry Rooms are decorator-friendly. By matching the background color of the artwork to the preexisting decor of a room, they’ll compliment most styles of kids’ rooms. For that reason, they can be given as gifts without worries about whether the design of the print will be compatible with the ambiance of the room.


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