Fun, Fabulous & Funky Decorative Mirrors

Antique FleurMirrors can add dimension, natural light, and energy to rooms while at the same time, offering children the opportunity to increase their self-awareness. Decorating rooms with mirrors can allow effective, interesting changes to be made at low cost, improving the general feel and mood of a room almost instantly. Mirrors offer the perfect tool to make your children’s rooms seem larger, more inviting, and more full of natural light. The beautiful examples of fun and funky mirrors here at Rosenberry Rooms will help turn your decorating process into a chance for fun and creativity!

A formal look can be created with the Antique Fleur Di Lis Mirror or the Ornate Floral Mirror, both of which are available in muBritish Colonial Floor Mirrorltiple colors. For a more natural look, leave heavy metallic embellishments behind in favor of the Ornate Wood Framed Mirror, or forgo formal edging in favor of manipulated glass in the Scalloped Edge Mirror the Sunburst Mirror, and the Round Twist Mirror. Any of these small mirrors work perfectly when hung from the wall, and the cute details around the edges help liven up the area and make the space more exciting.

What if your child needs a full-length mirror? For nurseries and young girls, the Antique White Scalloped Floor Mirror is functional and delicate, offering newborns and young girls a fun and dainty piece of furniture. Conversely, The Classics – British Colonial Floor Mirror makes a great mirror for boys, sleek and masculine to fit any room decor.

Stripy MirrorThere are imaginative mirrors like the Fern Front Mirror, which offers an artful touch with its beautiful leaf and petal details, also bringing an appreciation for nature into your child’s room. Another vein of design brings a Tim Burton-like aesthetic to the table with the Stripy Mirror with Chartreuse Flower – an unusual and fun piece of art for the wall of your child’s nursery room!

Mirrors are decorative piece through which both children and adults can develop their self-awareness and better understand their relationships with other people. Parents can select from a variety of mirrors, from solid pieces that could be used in almost any room in the house to more whimsical designs specifically for their child’s space. For those whose homes may not be as spacious as they’d like, large mirrors can help play an important role in opening up the dimensions of a room, which in turn can affect both the openness and relaxation of the individuals within that space.

Finding delightful details to furnish the rooms of your home can help lend an enjoyable air to your daily environment. When you choose to decorate your home with mirrors, you make what space you do have feel more open, and add natural lighting to areas which may not be in the direct path of sunlight. Whether you want a fabulous traditional mirror or a funky, artistic conversation piece, you’ll find something perfect in the Rosenberry Rooms collection, so don’t waste any time in picking the best of these fun, funky and fabulous mirrors!


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