Create An Amazing Sports-Themed Room

If you want your kids to be active throughout their lives, making sure they become accustomed to sports and fitness early on can be a key factor in accomplishing your goal. For boys (and girls), sports-themed bedrooms can help them feel at home on the hockey rink, soccer pitch, or football field!

Sports IronPutting together a sports-themed room requires a few vital components: a bed – such as the Sports Iron Bed or a crib – like the Multi Sports Finial Crib, comfy kids-sized furniture, a rug and other essentials like bedding are just a few of these. Once you’ve put together the basics, finding wall coverings and artwork – not tAll Star Sports Toy Boxo mention decor details – to match your theme might prove difficult, particularly if you’re not checking out everything we offer at Rosenberry Rooms.

The key to creating a room where your child feels safe and happy is in working with them to select pieces that remind them of all the fun things they’ve done through the day. A child who feels comfortable and happy at night is less likely to resist being told it’s time to go to sleep! Be sure to keep your kids actively engaged in the progress of their room so that it is a personal experience for them as well. When your son is done playing, encourage him to tidy up his room with the All Star Sports Toy Box Bench, which has a chalk scoreboard to help fire up your child’s imagination. Another great tool for keeping your boy’s belongings in place is an All Star Sports Clothestand And Growth Chart – which comes with the added bonus of being able to track how his height changes over time! It’s great when little boys’ minds are as actiAll Star Sportsve as their bodies (and vice versa), so make sure your son exercises his brain on a regular basis by setting him up with the All Star Sports Revolving Bookcase, a terrific system for storing books and saving space while maintaining a good-sized collection of books and other types of reading material.

No room would be complete without some artwork on the walls, and a sports-tSports Basketballhemed bedroom for your son (or daughter) is no different. Decorate your child’s room with a few pieces of well-selected high-quality artwork, then let them decorate with additional pieces. Let’s not forget Dressers and Armoires that offer classy and interesting storage solutions for clothing and toys. Another easy way to add to the overall theme of the room is to transform the lighting in your child’s room with the help of a few key pieces from our collection!

Whether your son wants to be the next Babe Ruth or the champion of John Madden’s next football video game release, supporting his interests with a fun, funky room that includes terrific designs and interesting, high-quality decorative pieces can only help increase his love of sports and fitness. In a country where parents hear increasingly disheartening stories about childhood obesity and poor health, fostering your child’s love of activity in every way is something to be admired – just like your son’s sports-themed room will be once you bring together all the unique themed pieces we offer here at Rosenberry Rooms!


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