Unique Art by Petit Collage at Rosenberry Rooms

Jungle Bamboo Mobile

Jungle Bamboo Mobile

Unique Art by Petit Collage at Rosenberry Rooms is really something to share with family and friends. This is artwork for the nursery that also makes an excellent gift item for anyone with young children. Petit Collage is a large collection of wall art designed to delight and please children and adults alike. Designs are innovative creations that feature wood collages, art prints on wood, and acrylic mirror designs. Each Collage On Wood is a one-of-a-kind creation that is custom made just for you upon order. These are sure to become heirlooms within your family that will be treasured for decades and passed along to grandchildren.

Blue Animals

Blue Animals Alphabet Poster

The Petit Collage art collection was first conceived by renowned children’s artist Lorena Siminovich, in 2006. Her work with collages on wood expanded into other areas to include wood mobiles, mirror art, posters and more. She only uses the best quality eco-friendly materials to create her artwork, making these pieces truly special. Elements are bright and colorful or neutrally subtle. Add several to the nursery, bedroom or playroom to liven up your child’s personal space. The themes are just right for children, with ABC’s, animals, and nature figures. Petit Collage art is contemporary and childishly dramatic, and Rosenberry Rooms is proud to have this children’s art collection available to their customers. One quick look is enough to bring a smile to any parent’s face.

Framed Pinwheel Print

Framed Pinwheel Art

Suitable choices for boys or girls are the three varieties of alphabet posters. Letters correspond to matching artwork of animals, such as “A” for “alligator” and so forth. Available in three colors – pink, blue, or brown – you are sure to match your child’s decor with this whimsical and fun wall art. Another wonderful example is the Owl Family Collage on Wood – this bright and cheerful piece will bring smiles to everyone who passes by.

Little girls will enjoy imagining outdoor fun when they view the Framed Small Pinwheel Art Print. And for boys…who could resist laughing when they see the happy face of the Blue Monkey Collage on Wood?

When you seek art that is unique, creative and fun for children, the place to turn first is Rosenberry Rooms. Our products are chosen with care for children, babies, tweens and teens. and many, like Petit Collage, are heirloom quality collectibles to be treasured for years to come!


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