Creating A Fun & Functional Playroom

Playrooms can be tricky decorating projects. They’re a place for kids to let loose and have fun. This can pose problems for parents. How do you design a play area that’s safe, withstands the wear and tear of active children, and manages to look good at the same time? Is it possible to create a playroom that doesn’t look like a preschool classroom?

Rosenberry Rooms makes charming playrooms possible with a huge variety of furnishings and accessories that combine lasting durability, functional concepts, and stylish designs. Here you’ll find many ways to create an inspired playroom that’s easy to keep clean, organized, and inviting.Freetime Bookcase

The Freetime Bookcase is a workhorse that doesn’t look like one. With adjustable shelving and optional pieces, it’s a sturdy foundation for the entertainment center with lots of accessible storage space. It’s also a good-looking piece of furniture!

Armoires house entertainment centers and provide storage space in smaller spaces. The Aloha Armoire is a charming hideaway for toys and games. Remove the upper shelves and stash the TV inside as well. With a pretty beach motif, it’s also a beautiful piece of art.

Your child’s PC wAntoinne the Monkey Eall Appliquesill be safe on the My Style Computer Desk, and the optional hutch provides nooks and crannies for stashing. The top of the hutch is a great place to inject a splash of color with one of Rosenberry Rooms’ many canvas reproductions.

A memo board can be functional and decorative at the same time. The Furry Pink Memo Board or the Little Cowboy Memo Board combine cool artwork with a place to display photos and other treasures. Add child-proof impact to any playroom with mural wall art like the Small Silhouette Safari Mural or Antoinne the Monkey Peel & Stick Wall Appliques.

You can certainly choose a table and chairs for an activity station, but consider the all-in-one Junior Picnic Table. It’s virtually indestructible and comes in a multitude of colors to match any decor. The distressed wood gives it a vintage touch that makes it especially kid-friendly.

Hudson BenchComfy seating isFatboy Island Lime Green easily achieved with the Island Beanbag In Black or Caribbean colors like lime green and hot pink. For playroom seating that does triple duty, the Play Ottoman in black or bright colors like green and yellow provide seating, storage, and work spaces all in one. Chests and toy boxes like the Sugar Plum Toy Box Bench or large storage benches like the Hudson are good-looking ways to get playroom seating and storage from one furnishing.

Kids spent a notorious amount of time on the floor. Soft, plush rugs feel good on bare feet and small bodies. The Ollie Rug for boys or the Rose Zuna Rug for girls have snazzy designs with patterns and colors that are less likely to show stains and spills.

Ceiling fans that include an overhead light are easy for kids to turn off and on with pull chains. The Pink and Green Bloom Ceiling Fan is a bright and breezy addition to any playroom that stays safely out of everyone’s way.

Plenty of storage, sturdy and functional pieces, easygoing accessories, kid-proof art, and safety are all important considerations in a child’s play area. Rosenberry Rooms has furnishings that give you all these things without sacrificing the elements of artistry and design so essential for spectacular rooms.


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