How To Choose A Nursery Theme

Chelsea Sleigh CribIt’s never too early to choose a nursery theme. Whether you’ve just discovered you’re expecting or closing in fast on a delivery date, the best time to get the nursery in order is right now. Once baby arrives, you’ll want that room to be a haven for baby and a peaceful refuge for yourself.

My approach to room design is to choose a concept, like opulence, and then find a spectacular piece of furniture that totally captures the idea. I then select everything else to support that one primary furnishing. I also like to choose furniture that won’t outlive its usefulness as baby grows up. Rosenberry Rooms has everything I need to meet both criteria on one easy-to-shop website.

With opulence as the concept, my first step is to click on Rosenberry’s Luxury Collection to find the piece de resistance. In a nursery, my focal point would be the crib. I fell in love with the Chelsea Sleigh Crib by Bratt Decor because it’s opulent, of course, but also because it will make even the drabbest room look spectacular.

World Explorer ArmoireThe fun of decorating is that you get to do it your way. You might prefer a lighter theme in your nursery and fall for the extraordinary World Explorer Armoire by Sweet Beginnings. With tons of room for adorable baby clothes, this piece would instantly bring color, artistry, and pizazz to the nursery, partner easily with any kind of crib, and harmonize effortlessly with eclectic country furniture.

I’d then click over to Rosenberry Room’s Themes section to find furniture to augment the crib. The Themes area is organized into colors from white/ivory to purple/lavender and design elements from gingham to toile. Both sections have tons of furniture in hundreds of colors and designs.

In the brown section, I found the Harmony Espresso Daybed by Stanley. It’s a convenient place for mom or dad to catch a nap and still be close to baby, provides nursery seating, gives extra storage space with optional trundle and, when baby gets older, becomes a child’s bed that can be used from the toddler years on.

Taylor ArmoireI would then add the Taylor Dressing Station in Espresso because it will transition into a combination dresser and bookcase as baby grows up. The Taylor Armoire, like the dressing station, will work as well in infancy as it will when baby gets older. Now the nursery is furnished with opulent pieces that, except for the crib, will see baby straight through to adulthood.

All that remains is to choose accessories. You’ll find many ideas to inspire your inner decorator in the Themes section. Accents like rugs, wall art, floor coverings, murals, lighting, along with crib bedding and baby clothes are just the beginning. There are themes like butterflies, the beach, dinosaurs, stars & moon, the wild west, and lots more, all with baby and nursery items galore.

Should you reach the upper limits of your budget, no worries! Rosenberry Rooms has a Gift Registry on which to list everything that’s still on your wish list. Continue shopping and mark your choices by clicking on “Add To Registry.” The Gift Registry makes it easy for everyone to buy gifts that are exactly what you want, updates automatically to avoid duplicate gifts, and allows others to conveniently shop for you online.

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