Fun and Functional Diaper Bag Styles for Mom & Dad

Katie Diaper Bag PopcornIsn’t it funny how you can spend your whole life without a certain accessory, then overnight it becomes as welded to your body as, say, a cell phone? Of course, this wonder-accessory is the diaper bag. No mom or dad would dare bring their baby out without some sort of carry-all for diapers, powders, formulas, and more – whether the end result is a mom with the trendiest of Luxury Diaper Bags or a plastic shopping bag with all your necessities stuffed inside. So up your fashion quotient with a bag like the Katie Diaper Bag in Popcorn instead of using a worn-out tote or a disposable shopping bag for your baby’s supplies.

For moms who have suffered through nine months of maternity clothing, finding a bag that’s cute and fun is almost as important as finding one that’s functional. After all, no one wants to carry around a handbag or purse that doesn’t suit their personality, so why would a diaper bag be any different? Bags like the Giraffe Print totes from OiOi Diaper Bags are super cute, and babies even get in on the action when they enjoy the fun animal prints!

Maria OnyxAll the tote bags offered through Rosenberry Rooms fulfill two important criteria: one, they’re safe, well-made and resilient while complimenting trendy ensembles and styles, and two, they’re highly functional. Look at the Circle With Turquoise Trim Messenger Bag by OiOi and you’ll be delighted by the number of pockets it contains and the fold-up easy-wipe microfiber change mat that’s included, to help you make sure your baby is comfortable while you’re changing his or her diaper. What if you just need a diaper bag with supplies for a quick dash to the grocery store? There are plenty of compact, satchel-style bags on offer from Mia Bossi, who designs great looks like the Maria Onyx Diaper Bag, a tote that will lend itself to any occasion, whether it be a formal family dinner or a night out on your own!

DadGear Grey ProfessionalNot that every mother has or wants to be a fashion plate all the time, and the nice part about shopping at Rosenberry Rooms is that they offer so many fun and functional diaper bag styles for Mom – and Dad, as well! Check out DadGear options for a bunch of messenger bag and backpack-style diaper bags featuring sports logos and more! Dads, you no longer do you have to head out of the house with a giant tote hanging off your shoulder; now you can have the macho looks you love and deserve! If sports teams aren’t your thing, there are camo bags and even bags for Hipster Dads! These bags feature a masculine outer appearance and plenty of room inside for baby bottles, favorite toys, diapers, wet wipes, powder and more.

Getting organized when you have kids can be difficult, so finding tools like the diaper bags at Rosenberry Rooms to help you plan what to pack when you leave the house can really make a parent’s day. Have fun checking out all the cool styles and designs you can find for you, your partner and your children here at Rosenberry Rooms! Time to get styling!


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