Five “Green” Companies On Rosenberry Rooms

Raising kids to be respectful and considerate of the environment can be a tough job, but if Mommy and Daddy can start early, their son or daughter is likely to make earth-friendly lifestyle choices as they get older.

Organic Stroller BlanketImbue baby with a respect for foreign cultures from the crib or stroller with an Organic Stroller Blanket reminiscent of Tibet, Machu Picchu, or Ireland by Petunia Pickle Bottom. These soft, warm blankets are both stylish and made out of organic materials, ensuring physical comfort for Baby, and moral comfort for Mom and Dad. Many kids wind up keeping their baby blankets with them well into adulthood, tucked away in a drawer or box thanks to fond memories – wouldn’t it be nice if the blanket that helped them make those memories was good for the planet, as well?

If Mother Earth could make a perfect mattress, it might be similar to the mattresses for sale at Rosenberry Rooms by designer Moonlight Slumber. These baby and child’s mattresses, which not only come in multiple sizes, are made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials, and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. This means that you can select these high-quality mattresses not only at an early time in your young one’s life, but also keep your kids on one of these health-conscious and comfortable mattresses throughout their childhood.

Pink Animals PosterBabies and kids love a room full of interesting pictures and beautiful colors, so why not spruce up the nursery in your home with a Frog Organic Cotton Wall Print from Amenity. If cotton as wall-hanging isn’t quite what you had in mind, you can opt for a Giraffe Baby Collage on Wood, or a variety of posters from Petit Collage.

But enough about the kids, what about their Very Stylish Mom? She needs a way to carry around diapers, formula bottles, and more – and show her children that being “green” includes being fashionable. In order to do this, Mom will need a Sling Tote Diaper Bag in Cocoa Stripe, or one of the other cute bags from Fleurville she can find at Rosenberry Rooms.

There are so many “green” companies whose products are available at Rosenberry Rooms, it makes it easy to create a home where natural products and organic materials are used every day. We know that modern life is hectic and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to teach your kids things like how to recycle, re-use, and reduce as they go through their days, but by searching for pieces like those made by the above-mentioned “green” companies, you can know you’re doing your best to show your kids what it means to truly care about the planet. After all, aren’t both you and your kids going to have to think about how you can make the world even better for those grandchildren you’re planning on one day? That day may seem a long way off, but wait and see how quickly it comes!


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