A Full Spectrum of Decorative Children's Art

Bovine Eclipse ArtChildren’s rooms can be very challenging to accessorize with art. Most artwork is so adult-oriented that kids rooms can wind up looking nothing like the child who lives there. Instead of being havens for little ones to call their own, adult art can make a child’s room look like it’s waiting for a little one to grow up.

Rosenberry Rooms has solved this problem by putting together an impressive array of all the different types of artwork made especially for kids. Canvas reproductions, hand-painted canvases, framed art, wall hangings, plaques, posters and prints offer so many options that it’s easy to create a room that’s truly a reflection of your child.

Bring your persoCat on A Sillnal vision to life with the help of easy-to-create wall mural kits, prepasted wall murals, wall letters, personalized art, wall stickers, and dry rub transfers. You’ll have fun putting it all together, and everyone will think you paid a designer big bucks to make it happen.

Even on a budget, you can still make a visual splash in your child’s room with unique and dramatic poster art. Posters like Cat on a Sill and Bovine Eclipse create impact with bright colors and bold designs. Murals can also bring lots of pizazz to a child’s room. Prepasted wall murals like Jungle Dreams can be easily affixed to the wall with a series of panes and take a child’s room from drab to dynamic with the addition of just one piece of art.

Kingdom Hand Painted MuralThe Football Game wall mural comes in a paint-by-number kit you can trace and paint yourself. If money is no object, consider a custom-designed mural like the Kingdom Hand Painted Mural. It’s really spectacular and comes straight from a top decorator’s portfolio.

It’s also fun to mix and match individual pieces. An extensive selection of hand-painted artworks like Lavish Dress, framed art like Shabby Chic Roses, or wall hangings like Upon a Fairy Tale let you take children’s room decor in fresh and exhilarating directions.

Baloon AdventurerWall plaques like the Little Linebacker Vintage Wood Sign come personalized with your child’s name. You can also personalize many of the canvas reproductions like Balloon Adventurer. Adding a child’s name to an artwork is a great way to make your little one feel that a bedroom is really their own. Another way to personalize your child’s space is with wall letters in oodles of shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. The Jungle Luv Hand Painted Wooden Hanging Wall Letters are just one of many possibilities.

Consider decorating your child’s space with easy-to-apply wall stickers like Fly Society Wallcandy or DynoMite Jungle Luv Wall LettersWallcandy. These wall stickers can be rearranged or removed without messing up the wall, the paint, or the stickers! You can also turn on the charm with dry rub transfers like Large Butterflies. Dry rub wall transfers look like they were hand-painted by a professional and are easily applied to any wall.

Rosenberry Rooms has kids art galore. From growth charts like the Speed to nightlights like the Chocolate Crown, there are unlimited ways to make your child’s room look custom-designed. With such a wonderland of kids art, it’s easy to get carried away with bringing your child’s space dazzlingly to life!


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