Ways to Decorate With Art for Kids

Fairy Tea PartyOften when parents decide on finishing up their children’s décor, some of the last things to be purchased or put in place is the artwork. I am sure there are many different reasons, but it is most likely because art is such a personal thing, that we don’t want to rush into it and put up just any old thing. This takes time and thought and finding just the right pieces. Now, since we don’t have forever to decide what art is right, let’s look at some easy ways to overcome this art-buying fear that take the mystery out of the process and put fun and excitement into it.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate art in a room is to use a mix of old and new, sentimental and superficial – it brings the best of both worlds together and creates a wonderful ambiance. Old and sentimental would be a picture from a grandparent’s house that has been passed down – maybe even one that they drew themselves. Art like that should always have a place in your home, and if you have to change out the frame or matting, don’t worry that you will “ruin” it – you are simply repurposing it to fit into your child’s décor. Mix that piece with some new art that is fresh and modern and you now have interesting and meaningful décor surrounding your child.

Another way to decorate with art is to choose a series that is anywhere from 3 to 5 different pieces, which can be placed side by side or staggered. The advantage of series art is that you are able to cover a large portion of wall space with little effort. Don’t be worried that it will look All A Twittertoo staged. Although I am not a fan of having everything match, there is nothing wrong with having a series of art on one of the walls in your child’s room. This works well if your child has a specific passion for something like sports, nature themes, animals, etc. This type of art is also wonderful in the nursery for just the opposite reason as well – your baby obviously does not have any specific likes yet, so you can fill a large portion of wall space with simple canvases in themes like ABCs or monochromatic patterns.

I know I always mention this, but another wonderful way to incorporate art into your child’s room is to make it personal. This can mean choosing wooden wall letters that display either their full name, nick name or just their initials. Wall letters are also a fun way to divide up a room that two siblings may be sharing – you can place their initials over their side of the bed, or dedicate a wall to each of them, with their names and art that reflects their personality. Other personalized art may mean simply choosing a canvas where their name can be painted on, making it special and just for them.

Room with a Zoo

Lastly, the one rule to keep in mind is to not follow any rules! Art is full of energy and passion and life, so don’t try to over think the process of bringing it into your child’s room. Be sure to keep it feeling natural by keeping things different. Mix canvases with framed art, old with new, bold with subtle. Bring in art that has meaning and others just because, and the end result will be just wonderful. I hope I gave you another take on how to add art to your child’s room, making the process fun and enjoyable! Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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  1. Great tips on selecting art for a child’s room! Another idea is to frame the child’s own artwork. What better way to increase their feelings of self-worth than having their art framed and hanging on the wall instead of tacked to a corkboard or refrigerator.

    Use frames that allow easy switching as new creations arrive and only frame their best work. Remember, artwork does not have to remain forever once brought into a room. Update when the piece loses excitement or decor changes.

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