Three Fun Themes for Your Child's Room

Sail Away Drawer KnobsWe all feel better knowing that there is a special place for us where we belong. Adding a theme to your child’s room can help them identify a special place of their own. Fun themes are important because they make the difference between the place where your kid sleeps and the room that your child lives in. They can tie together a room’s different elements and give the space a unique feel that matches your child’s personality. There are a lot of popular kids room themes that you can use to decorate your child’s room, but it’s easiest to start simple and build from there. These examples may give you some ideas:

With ocean blues and sandy browns, beach themes work well for boys’ rooms. Even little touches like the sail away drawer knobs can liven up a boy’s room without putting a dent in your budget. The fun part about the beach theme is that you can either go serious with lighthouses and whaling ships from New England, which goes well with accents like the Charting a Course Mural Banner, or you can get imaginative with a Caribbean flair, picking out decorations like a Treasure Map Rug.

Pink Flower Pot Clock

Whether it’s a quaint English garden or a mountain meadow full of wildflowers, floral items and garden-inspired designs can add a breezy playfulness and sense of whimsy to a little girl’s room. A wide variety of accents and furniture can add a colorful dynamic, from cute Pink Flower Pot Wall Clocks to Strawberry Pink Flower Rugs. The floral theme also lends itself to other popular themes like fairy princesses and ballerinas, a great starting point for games of make-believe.

Jungle Safari QuiltThe great thing about jungle-themed rooms is that they can work for either boys or girls. Start with a green base, which makes a good, gender-neutral color and then add either pink or blue accents. From there, you can add touches like an Animal Print Rug or some Giraffe Drawer Pulls. The jungle theme also lets you work in favorite animals like giraffes, tigers, or zebras, for the excitement and adventure of a jungle safari. You can even take the safari theme one step further with a Jungle Safari Quilt. It’s a fun way to travel to new continents and see new creatures while still being able to get home in time for dinner.

These themes don’t need much to be customized for your child’s interests or favorite cartoon characters. Is your son a huge fan of SpongeBob SquarePants? He’d be right at home in a beach-themed room. Does your daughter love Dora the Explorer? Then she’ll enjoy having adventures in the jungle. Each of these themes is a good base that you can build on to express your child’s unique personality.

These are just a few starting points. If your child wants to be an astronaut, you can start with an outer space theme, or you can work on a city theme for the child who craves bright lights and excitement. The important thing is to have fun making a space where your child can feel at home. Be sure to check out all of the options that Rosenberry Rooms offers you for themed decor for your little girl or boy!

-Paul G.

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