Ornaments and Holiday Frames

Dash Holiday FrameDuring the holiday season our thoughts and feelings often drift back in time to our favorite memories of family gatherings, toys and sweets, or, if we are parents, the joy we’ve received over the years watching our children discover the delights of the season. Often those moments have been captured in photos, and all they lack is the perfect holiday-themed frame in which to display them. Rosenberry Rooms offers a variety of quality wood frames perfectly suited to exhibit that old black and white photograph featuring you and your siblings awestruck in front of the Christmas tree, or the full-color shot of your own little ones dressed in their holiday best, antsy with anticipation among the wrapped wonders that wait. When selecting the right frame, our Dash Holiday and Happy Holiday frames are a good place to begin. Traditionalists will love our weathered-wood frames, while fun-loving folks will opt for the Funky Holiday Stripe frame. Any of these can be customized at home with the addition of a festive bow and ribbon, or a personalized holiday ornament from Rosenberry Rooms draped over a corner.

Blue Holly Snowman OrnamentSpeaking of ornaments, they are not just for the tree any more. Today’s fashionable baubles are the perfect adornment for the wreath on the front door that welcomes guests, the garland adorning the banister, and the mantle where we place cards warmly received from family and friends. Personalized ornaments bearing the name of our children and featuring a Christmas tree, snow man, or other favorite images of the season, serve as wonderful gift labels that will find their place in the decorations for years and possibly generations to come. The ornament options at Rosenberry Rooms give you the opportunity to mark your little one’s first Christmas, including their name and year, in a variety of styles. Classic round globes, country-influenced wood squares, and other designs offer you the freedom to create the lasting memory you want to pass along and enjoy for years to come. Religious themes bring the significance of the season to mind, and whimsical scenes depict the festive feelings the holidays hold for each of us. Whatever your style, customs, or traditions, our ornaments may be tailored to express the way you celebrate the holidays. Choose a “Believe” star hanging ornament, a Blue Holly Snowman, an Angel Boy or Angel Girl personalized Christmas ornament, or a First Christmas Wagon personalized with your child’s name and the year. These are a few of the many frames and ornaments that will provide the personal touch that will be cherished each year, as you add to your collection of photographs and keepsake memories!


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