Children's Holiday Décor

Holidays are a magical time for children of all ages. From youngest to oldest, there is enjoyment in the hustle and bustle, the specchristmas plateial trimmings, the decorations hanukkah platethat only come out once every year, and also all the little odds and ends that usher in those special times of the year. Leave it to Rosenberry Rooms to carry amazing children’s holiday décor that can stoke the anticipation even further!

Start a tasty after school snack tradition with a Hanukkah plate or its Christmas counterpart.

Of course, if you are searching for a beloved piece of children’s holiday décor that is sure to become a treasured bit of the family’s holiday traditions themselves, there is nothing more special than a personalized – hand painted – Christmas photo ornament. Whether you keep a cherished photo of a young child in it or opt for updating the display photo on an annual basis, this ornament is sure to heighten growing kids’ anticipation for the holidays that are just ahead. photo ornament

Children love the kind of holiday décor that is uniquely crafted with them in mind. Run of the mill decorations are fine for the overall look and feel of the home, but there is nothing that compares to seeing a child’s name incorporated in the décor. Plates, pillows and also wall hangings are exceptional means of achieving this feat. Moreover, intricate detail work makes this kind of décor stick out and assert itself, even if it is smaller than some of the mass manufactured pieces.

So, do not be surprised when the child’s eyes light up as the special ornament is taken out of the box or when the holiday plate makes an appearance on the table. There is that feeling of being special, of participating in the holidays more deeply, and – in many ways – actually now being part of the holiday itself. Is it not time you checked out some of the inimitable Rosenberry Rooms children’s holiday décor items? Who knows, you might just be picking out tomorrow’s heirloom today!

Check out the other amazing holiday pieces from Jamie’s Painting and Design that Rosenberry Rooms carries, and order yours today – the holidays are just around the corner!

S. Cochran

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