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It may only be October, but at the same time it is already October, and many people have begun putting their gift lists together for the holidays. I am not one of those people. I am the person who is scrambling the week before, mailing things out late with a note apologizing again for the delay. Every year I plan on doing things different – taking advantage of sales and Black Friday, but first I would have to have my list done, which is the problem. I thought I would highlight some toys and games for toddlers and kids that stand out among the rest because they are unique, educational, incredibly stylish, or a combination of all these things. All of these products are just wonderful in my opinion and any little girl or boy would be happy to own them.

Big Rigs Semi Truck – This all wood toy is classic is style and structure. What a great toy that any boy will love, plus the added bonus is there are 4 different trucks in this collection, so you can give him a whole crew to play with!


Animal Parade Alphabet Cards – These alphabet cards by eeBoo are wonderful because they bring back the old schoolhouse tradition in a modern way. These 8×10 cards are perfect for teaching your little one the alphabet and the animals that they can associate with each letter. Keep them as they are, or frame them in simple wooden frames to border your child’s bedroom or playroom.


Play Coffee Maker – Every child loves to play pretend and most kids have a kitchen as well. This is the perfect companion for that imaginative space. This is just one of the many wooden toys by KidKraft that are sturdy and fun for kids of all ages.


Children’s Apron – I think this is a unique gift idea for a little girl who loves to play dress up. She can use it to back cookies and cakes in her kitchen, or perhaps while she cleans up the dishes. These are custom made by Pixie Dust Décor and come in their specialty fabrics, custom made for you – just another way they would make a special gift.


Sparrow Lilac Scribble Kit – What a great way to entertain kids at the restaurant, or when waiting in the doctor’s office or for the oil to get changed. This is every parent’s dream – a compact, easy to carry kit with paper and crayons to give them something to focus on when you need them to sit still for a few minutes. Plus, they are by Dwell so you get the fun and hip fabrics from their collection.


URoll Racer – The perfect gift for the child who likes things that go…fast! This will corner like no other and is ideal for tight or limited spaces…so consider this the urban answer for your active little one!


Kids Playing Cards – A great stocking stuffer, this group of playing cards will bring hours of fun for the whole family. Teach your child classic card games with these mini cards, and bring them along to grandma’s house, too!


Natural Wishbone Bike – This is a running bike with a twist…and a very practical one at that. To begin, you can start of in tricycle mode for your one year old, then it will go to a two wheeler, but the best part is the body of the bike then flips over to accommodate for a 4 or 5 year old. Talk about a gift that will get it use! A great pre-bike, this will help your child with balance, coordination and overall confidence. A must have in every household.


I hope these toys and games have inspired you to begin or complete your holiday gift list…be sure to check out all of the toys and gifts on Rosenberry Rooms right here. Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

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