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Ruffle Blanket - Classic Neutral CollectionIf you ever wondered, as a working mom,  if it is possible to “do it all”, just take a look at Katy Mimari, the designer and owner of Caden Lane.   Katy is not only an incredible designer and business woman, but an amazing inspiration to all working moms.  Aside from being a ton of fun, super smart and talented, and always upbeat, she just exudes this creative energy that is infectious!  Always creating, always designing, always expanding her line and ALWAYS daring to reach in different directions with her style, refusing to be stagnant or safe, Katy is a breath of fresh air.  The risks that Katy takes with Caden Lane designs have proven to be very well received, as our customers are always anxiously waiting to see what is next.  Caden Lane is really a pioneer when it comes to baby and children’s bedding, in that there is NO other designer out there that offers anything similar in style or color, and the wide range of designs within the Caden Lane line is undoubtedly far reaching.  Although the various collections within the Caden Lane designer line represent varying moods, styles and tastes, they share a cohesive element that ties them together.

Sophia Crib BeddingThe first bedding line introduced by Caden Lane is appropriately called the Classic Collection, which is available in blue, pink and neutral colors.  This collection appeals to a more traditional audience with warm tones and classic colors, yet features contemporary elements in the fabric patters.  Next, Caden Lane introduced their Modern Vintage Collection,  which provides a modern feel with an ecclectic edge, and offers a variety of patterns in blue for boys and pink for girls.  The most recent collection introduced by Caden Lane is the Luxe Collection, which offers more vibrant and bold colors to the line, for the mom with a daring sense of style.  It is safe to say that the Caden Lane designer bedding line has “something for everyone”, but Katy didn’t stop there!  As Caden Lane grew as a company, so did their line offering, and shortly thereafter, Caden Lane gave birth to their “big kid” bedding collection.  The Caden Lane juvenile bedding line follows in the footsteps of the baby line, carrying through with similar fabrics and colors, perfectly styled and suited for Lola Diaper Bagyour stylish child, from toddler to teen…so chic, so cool!

But wait, there’s more!   Caden Lane also offers a huge line of diaper bags, with styles ranging from backpacks, to hobos, bowlers, totes and messenger bags.   Let’s not forget the enormous line of accessories that are also part of the Caden Lane line.  These include, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, car seat and shopping cart covers, hooded towels and spillmats.  All of these fantastic and utterly essential baby items are available in all of the Caden Lane fabrics, so you can pick and choose, mix and match and have fun!

Ava Crib Bedding

At this point you are probably wondering, as am I, if Katy ever sleeps!  It is no wonder that many celebrities have chosen Caden Lane for their designer nurseries, including Samantha Harris, Tori Spelling and Brooke Burke, to name a few.

Take a look at the Caden Lane Designer Collection on, to see the latest and greatest that Caden Lane has to offer….I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the Caden Lane style philosophy?

We strive to create stylish & funky baby necessities, and redefine the norm for nursery décor. The baby’s room should be your FAVORITE room in the house (and it’s the only room you can get away with putting rhinestones on the wall)!

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?

I was a children’s photographer before I started Caden Lane, and I was always amazed in the LACK of fashionable items for the modern moms. They used to carry around these tacky, quilted, diaper bags that were completely dysfunctional and even more unattractive! I knew there had to be better options out there!

Why did you choose to design baby & children’s products?

I couldn’t find any other profession that would let me work with tulle, rhinestones, textiles, and lace all together!

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

I love seeing the finished nursery! We have a collection of pictures that our customers have sent us to show off their nursery, and it’s always so amazing to see each Caden Lane Classic Red Duvet Coverindividual’s personality come so alive in the baby’s room. You can see the love and dedication on every part of the room.

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

Drink a lot of wine and get a great nanny! Hahaha, just kidding (but not really).  You know, I think for any working mom, the biggest challenge is finding balance between your work and family life. This is what keeps us sane. The best part for me is that when I am with my children, I give them 110% percent, and when I’m at work – it’s about me. For me, that is balance.

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be?

Well, the Cade Bedding set was designed for my son when I couldn’t find any bedding out there that didn’t have a “theme” to it! Then… when I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted a more “anthropologie” feel to the room. It was my favorite store at the time, and well… sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest places! So the Ava Bedding was created for her, and her room is still my favorite room in the house! Of course, now I love the Ashlyn Bedding from the Luxe Collection. Just can’t decided if it’s worth a whole new pregnancy! Hahaha….

What sets Caden Lane apart from other children’s bedding & accessories designers?

I think we are all unique in our own way. Even though each of our Caden Lane collections are so different, I still feel like the collection flows. It’s funny – some describe us as a modern children’s company, and others think we are simple and sweet. Honestly, I love being in the middle. You can take the most modern of our cribs (like Tori Spelling did) and put any of our bedding on it, or, you can take a sweet traditional sleigh crib (like Samantha Harris did) and compliment it with any of the collections. I think they call it “transitional”? I like to refer to it as “perfect”. 

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

Ummmm, yes!!! We only have a HUGE new accessory collection coming out this December! We’ve added new products to the line like tutu bow holders, hair accessories, paci-clips, closet dividers… and my favorite – Big and Little (brother/sister) shirts! It’s funky, eclectic, and totally Caden Lane! The new bedding will be out in 2010!

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food Queso (I’m from Texas)
Favorite TV Show at the moment, it’s Fast Forward. Everyone thinks the main character looks just like my husband! Ha!
Favorite Movie The Hangover or Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
Favorite Weekend Activity staying in my pajamas all day and hanging out with my wonderful hubbie and 2 kiddos!
Favorite Band Norah Jones

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