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I consider myself to be a very lucky girl, in that I am blessed to work with amazing designers and beautiful products every day.  I adore all of the talented artists and designers who are featured on Rosenberry Rooms, and am in awe of their amazing creations.  Every once in a while, though, a designer comes along who really knocks my492-green-crown-picture-frame-with-bright-pink-ribbon socks off.  The kind of designer whose products I can’t stop staring at and thinking about, who inspires awe and renders me somewhat speechless.  A  designer such as this not only warrants tremendous respect, but sparks my own creativity, and leaves me almost short of descriptive words to express their infinite style and class…this designer is Amy Blanchard of AB Designs.

I know I’m in love when i want to use words like droolicious to describe a product line (this is a first, I promise)!   You might think a picture frame is a picture frame, but you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen an AB Designs picture frame!  Amy Blanchard, the creative designer and owner of AB Designs has redefined the picture frame and transformed an ordinary, every day object into a true piece of art.   What is it that makes AB Designs so phenomenal?  Well, let’s start with the thick, hand painted, lightly rubbed wooden frames which are available in a fantastic palette of irresistible colors.  Add to that, the most gorgeous dupioni silk ribbons available in a 492-green-kellie-picture-frame-with-pink-green-ribbonmyriad of colors, which you can layer for a diverse look.  Last but most certainly not least, each AB Designs picture frame can be adorned with a sparkling brooch in any style or shape to suit your taste, from simple to elegant or whimsical.  For a personal touch you can even choose a covered button in place of a brooch, and have it monogrammed.  The great thing about AB Designs is that it isn’t any one of these components or even the sum of the parts that make these picture frames so special, but the secret ingredient that Amy Blanchard brings to each and every custom and exquisitely made frame.   The quality, workmanship and passion that Amy brings to her designs really transcend each piece.  When you see an AB Designs frame you know it is something special, something extraordinary.

If you are looking for a place worthy of your most precious baby photo, your wedding or anniversary picture, a snap shot of your loved one’s birthday, or even of your favorite pet, there is no place more appropriate than an AB Designs picture frame.  AB Designs encompasses not only a sweet baby and children’s line, but a stylish home line, a classic bridal line and, yes, even an adorable pet line.

Shop the incredible assortment of AB Designs frames on, or come on by for a visit to see Amy Blanchard’s picture frames in person at our store in 492-white-cross-picture-frame-with-blue-ribbonRaleigh, NC.  If you don’t see the perfect frame to suit your needs, we can custom design one in any size or color, just for you!

Please read Amy Blanchard’s personal interview below to learn more about this incredibly talented artisan.

Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the AB Designs style philosophy?
-The AB design philosophy is simple – undeniable high quality using only the best materials available, beautiful color and brooch choices and great customer service!492-pink-chloe-picture-frame-with-khaki-pink-ribbon

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?
-I never set our to be a designer or business owner.  God had other plans!  My love and passion for photography lead to me doing photography on a professional level, which lead to offering frames for my clients.  I have always loved playing around with beautiful colors and design.  So for fun I started embellishing the frames I bought at market with beautiful ribbon and jewelry pieces.  Word of mouth of what I was doing was instant!  Fast forward 4 years and we are working hard to make AB designs a recognized brand around the world

Why did you choose to design for children’s rooms?
-Children’s rooms are so much fun because it is such a happy time!   A child’s room can be very elegant to fun and whimsical.  The design possibilities are limitless!

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?
-I am big on lists!!!  So at the end of the day if I have scratched off every item on my list then I am a happy girl!!  We also hear great stories from our customers on how our492-blue-luna-picture-frame-with-khaki-blue-ribbon frames have made someone happy – that is very rewarding!   It is not just about a frame – it is about a moment!

Do you have any advice for other working moms?
-It is the old cliché – you must love what you do and completely believe in your dream!  Have a support group who loves, understands and believes in you and what you are doing.  Include your children in your business as much as you can.  Our children feel like they are very much a part of what we are doing and get very excited about our growth.

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?
-I am in love with our Cheetah and new Zebra ribbon!  Both pieces make such a statement and can be either elegant or whimsical!  We have also been getting in some amazing brooches that are so beautiful and fun to work with.

What sets AB Designs apart from other designers?492-blue-covered-button-picture-frame-with-khaki-ribbon
-I think our customer service, quality and attention to detail sets us apart.  Also, we allow customers to customize their pieces to fit their personal needs.  By offering as many choices as we do make the design possibilities endless!

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?
-We have slowly been introducing our new lamps.  Customers will be able to choose ribbon and brooches to embellish lampshades.  We are very excited about our Lamps 492-brown-luna-picture-frame-with-pink-brown-ribbonand have already been getting orders for them.  Response has been great!  As far as frames, we will continue to add ribbon selections that follow the trends in home décor and brooches that are unmatched.  We are also adding more frames with smaller brooches on the corners and larger portrait frames.  I offered the larger portrait frames to my photography clients but we have just started to include them in the AB designs’ line.

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