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In the world of quick and easy which we live in, many of us can get discouraged and disheartened with the overall lack of quality we find in the things we buy. I think this is true especially of large purchases like furniture. Let’s be honest, furniture is not cheap, even if you get a lower end brand, you are still going to be dropping a significant amount of money. The sad part is that it will probably fall apart in a couple of years (if you are lucky). So, we continue to take our money and metaphorically burn it left and right, but we have no other choice, right? I mean, our kids need a bed to sleep in, desk to study at, night stand to keep their things on. Don’t they? Of course they do, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice quality or break our bank accounts, either. We just need to know what to look for and where to find it. First of all, know that mass-manufactured furniture is the most common. Chances are, almost every piece of furniture you own or have looked at would fall into this category. Now, there is nothing wrong with buying this type of furniture, however you must realize this will not hold up like the furniture of old…the kind that is probably in your parents or grandparents home…the type of furniture that was made piece by piece and put together one at a time with custom fabrics, at the corner furniture shop that everyone in your neighborhood knew and trusted. Those pieces were made with pride and passion, and there was a certain level of quality that was unspoken but understood. Then we turned into a fast and cheap kind of people. What can we get tomorrow, or better yet, today? It is not common for our generation to be willing to wait a few weeks, let alone months for a piece of furniture. That is ridiculous at best. But the truth is, that these fast and cheap furniture pieces are often made and shipped from another country, where it is just one of thousands, with no personal attention or care given to any part of the building process.

Because of this, I have a special love for a great custom wood furniture company named Relics. Each piece of their furniture is bench made, meaning very simply, that it goes back to how quality furniture was made many years ago. Think of a wood pile slowly being carved, finished, painted and fitted together to create a bed, bookshelf or night stand. That is Relics. They can customize the size of any of their pieces, because they are making them literally from scratch. They have plenty of colors for you to choose from, and will even do any Benjamin Moore paint color for a small price. Talk about custom made furniture, I don’t think it gets any better than that. I think that Relics truly is a company dedicated to creating quality furniture that you love. The owner is involved in the entire process and oversees everything first-hand to be sure that it meets his own personal standards. Each piece of furniture goes through a multiple point check process to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Quality with great style is something worth spending your money on, especially with children’s furniture. You know a solid wood piece of furniture will last the wear and tear you and your kids will put it through. Now, let’s look at a few of their furniture pieces (my favorites, of course!) so that you can decide for yourself how great each piece is!

Lily Rae Bed – The appeal fo this bed for me is that it is simple but feminine, giving parents incredible versatility. If you have a girl who loves frills and ornate things, or one that likes modern, sleek lines – this bed (and bedroom set) will work for every design style.


Beadboard Bookcase – This is one of their most common pieces because it has a universal appeal and fits in with other styles of furniture. Beadboard is classic and looks great especially in a little boy’s room.


Spindle Armoire – Just look at the detailing in this piece…fantastic! I love how they have taken a basic piece of furniture and added so much visual appeal with the spindle detailing and the cut out door.


Wonderland Bed – Every time I see this bed, I feel like I have just jumped into a storybook, which is what makes this such a fun piece for a little girl or boys room. This bed has amazing charm and appeal…cant you just imagine how fun this piece would be for your child?


Be sure to check out the entire Relics line here, and remember, each of these pieces is completely customizable making them the perfect fit for your home! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

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