Custom Playhouses for Kids

Something that I have always wanted since I was little was a really large, really cool, very real tree house. Not the makeshift tree house that I built myself with my cousin which consisted of a few wooden planks for seating, some random fabrics for the roof and a rope swing (not all that bad for a 10 year old!) The type of tree house I envisioned was much more Swiss Family Robinson…hmmm, come to think of it, I believe that movie started my tree house obsession. Now that I am all grown up (so to speak) I still do not live in my amazing tree house, and probably never will. Thankfully, I have come to terms with that but only because it would be too impractical with small children. All of this brings me to another type of house that truly captures my attention – children’s playhouses – in a similar way to my beloved tree house dream.

Now, kid’s playhouses today are definitely a little more intricate that what we had when I was a kid. Today, they are custom made, built, painted, and furnished much like a typical house would be. When I see some of these outdoor playhouses, I really do wish for just a short while that I could go back to being little again…to enjoy climbing the indoor staircase into the loft and walk outside onto the balcony. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? The best part is that they are scaled-down to be just the right size for girls and boys. The children’s luxury playhouses are the ones that really get me. The details in these villas, cottages, and castles are nothing short of amazing. Yes, you may be thinking that this is all such a waste of money, how can I be going on and on about this. Take a step back for just a moment, and think of how cool it would be to give your child an amazing playhouse completely furnished and designed down to the last detail. Imagine the look on their faces as they wander through the different rooms and flop down on the couch in the sitting room. For most of us a 10 or 20 thousand dollar playhouse is laughable because it is so out of reach and so eccentric – which is okay. But for those of you who can afford an indoor or outdoor custom playhouse, I say go all out and make it a good one! Any child would have the most amazing time as they create so many wonderful memories with their siblings and friends. Just to show you how very far playhouses have come, here are a few of the ones that Rosenberry Rooms carries…I don’t care who you are, when you see these you will be truly amazed!

La Petite Maison Chez Moi – This really is the supreme kids playhouse with the 8 ft ceilings, running water, lighting…they can even install wireless communication within the house. Wait a minute, what? Oh, yes, this is the ultimate childhood experience, and it, of course, comes at a price!


Double Deluxe Playhouse – There is something about the style of this particular house that just makes it so much more fun and exciting. Its like walking into a storybook or joining Alice on her adventures in Wonderland where everything is a little strange and different.


La Petite Maison Garden – This is slightly less decked out than its relative up top, however the details are not lacking by any means. There may not be a foyer or loft area, but you will still find crown molding, a white picket fenced backyard area, custom window boxes…nothing short of amazing!


Now for fun, check out all of the custom playhouses that Rosenberry Rooms carries right here and let yourself imagine life as a kid once again, just with one of these play structures to call your own. Both of these companies will do custom playhouse to your specifications – another way you can keep things fitted to you and your child’s needs! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

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