Beautiful Kids Frames by AB Designs

Rosenberry Rooms just started carrying a line of picture frames that is so adorable, I just had to write about them. Now, I typically have a love-hate relationship with frames. I love different types of frames – wood, metal, vintage, modern…but I hate that I am not usually impressed with most of the ones I come across. AB Designs is different. Their frames are just gorgeous. Each of their kid’s frames is simple, elegant, and made well down to the last detail, which is a winning combination in my opinion. I love the palate they use for both boys and girls – soft mint greens, lavender, pale pink and blue, chocolate brown, and white will match any decor and fit right into the nursery or bedroom. These frames are made with solid wood which is hand finished, either 2” or 3” thick. The finishing touches include dupioni silk ribbon and rhinestone detailing which makes these frames one of a kind. AB Designs put plenty of time and thought into creating frames that are truly amazing, and it is obvious once you see them.
You may not think of a picture frame as anything that special, but they are actually the perfect gift for almost any occasion. Baby showers, birthdays and holidays…what parent wouldn’t love a beautiful frame where they can proudly display their precious little one? Chances are, when gift-shopping time comes along, picture frames are the last thing on our minds. Try to think of it this way – frames last a lifetime. The picture can always be updated and changed as a child grows, or perhaps it can house a sentimental photo that is never touched and gets passed down from one generation to the next. AB Designs creates the frames that you will want your great, great grandchild to have someday. Let’s look a couple of these a little bit closer, so that you can see just how wonderful they are!

Blue Covered Button Frame – This frame is so elegant and simple. I love the covered button, and the combination of blue and ivory is soothing – just perfect for a little boy’s nursery.


Pink Chloe Frame – The turquoise ribbon adds just the right pop of color, making this frame stand out. Paired with the elegant rhinestone broach, this frame has a timeless style.


Brown Luna Frame -The classic combination of brown and blue really stand out on this frame. The sparkle of the accent broach keep this from being anything but mundane.


Be sure to check out the entire line of AB Designs baby and kid frames here. Happy Shopping!

Adriana M. Dehring

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