Art Inspired by Fall

As I drive around these days, I can’t help but be in awe of the changes taking place all around me in Nature. The leaves are just beautiful: fiery reds, bright yellows, and bold oranges – they have turned the landscape into an amazing art show. And to think that we get to view this for free every fall! As I take all of this in, I being to think of how there is a nostalgia that comes with the cooler weather and changing leaves as the days grow shorter and the nights take the lead. We tend to draw inward, to focus more on ourselves and our families. This is the time of holidays and memories, of family and friends. With the fall comes our getting back to the basics…trying to keep warm… coming up with creative indoor family activities…balancing daily life with the upcoming holiday travels and visitors. Yes, there is a distinct dynamic in the fall, and though it is very different than the dynamic and emotion we feel in the Spring, it is just as powerful and wonderful.

What better way to ride out these amazing emotions than to focus on some beautiful fall-inspired art. Now I don’t know if these artists actually created these pieces after a long fall drive, but for me, they reflect the changes and emotion that come with this time of year. Much like nature, art has the ability to immediately inspire, change, and alter our moods in a matter of moments, and that is why art so often imitates and reflects nature. Here are a few pieces of kid’s art that are wonderful visual reminders of how cleansing and calming this time of year can be.

Forest Fun Canvas – The colors and overall feel of this canvas definitely remind me of Fall. The trees are almost completely bare and all the colors are reflective of the ones that we see around us during these next months.

Forest Fun

October Memories Wall Mural – You may not be the “cabin type” but even so, you have to appreciate this amazing image. You can almost feel the crisp air and the sound of crunching leaves in the forest.

October Memories

The Path Canvas – Many may see this canvas as more fitting for Spring, however for me, the cool colors and scarce leaves on the branches speak of Fall and the beginning of wintertime.

The Path

Fall Tree Canvas – This is the most obvious Fall canvas, as is obvious by its name. I especially love the overall simplicity that is blended with great detailing throughout the image.

Fall Tree

Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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