An Obsession: Petunia Pickle Bottom

turkish-twilight-boxy-backpack1It’s not very often that I am completely amazed by a specific designer or product, but when it does happen it usually borders on obsession. Cue Petunia Pickle Bottom. Oh, I am in love. Where to begin, tho? Should I begin with their amazing designs? How about the unique and absolutely fantastic fabrics? Perhaps I should focus on their ability to create diaper bags that actually look like a piece of art instead of a necessary evil? And let’s not ignore the baby bag names…unique and intriguing. Truthfully, what makes Petunia Pickle Bottom stand out so much is a combination of all of these things…and that is why I am hooked.

Petunia Pickle Bottom (can we just take a moment to applaud the name?) is in my opinion the epitome of a chic, stylish bag that is not trendy in a way that will go away with the next fad or season. Instead, I look at this line of diaper bags as classic trendy, timeless, Breakfast at Tiffany’s cool, stand out amongst the crowd with your fabulous bag amazing. I think the reason should be attributed to the owners themselves having an amazing eye for fashion and style as well as the ability to take that idea and transform it into their products.

Let’s take their Original Collection which includes a Boxy Backpack, Shoulder Bag, Touring Totes, and Cross Town Clutch – a bag for every need and in every size. There is no need to go into the practical details of these bags because they have plenty of pockets, bottle holders and clips for all of parent and baby’s essentials. However, some interesting details for me begin with the amazing glazed fabrics – every mom needs a little glamor in her life, but this makes it practical and “wipe-able”, too. They have water-resistant liners – another way to make life with baby a little bit easier. And, one of my favorite features, the built in changing pad – use it, then fold it up and zip it closed…now moms (and dads) will actually use the changing pad since it doesn’t have to go floating back into the bag with the toys and change of clothing! The Touring Tote has a zippered cosmopolitan-carryall-apple-tart1pocket for the changing pad and the Cross Town Clutch has a nifty round changing pad that snaps closed and also has its own pocket as well. Talk about practical and organized!

As if that wasn’t enough, we move on to Cake by Petunia…I could literally go on and on because I am absolutely enthralled by these designs and fabrics! They offer three styles which include the Carryall, Satchel, and Clutch. They boast the same fantastic details as the bags in their Original Collection, however the Italian Cut Velvet and wool tweed detailing are nothing less than scrumptious. I think I stared at the Cake bags for hours when I first came across them, almost hoping that one would jump off the screen and land in my arms! They have this amazing balance of simple and sassy, feminine and edgy, trendy and unique. Totally vintage, totally amazing and totally a must have for any woman who wants to make a statement of style with their diaper bag.

Petunia Pickle Bottom has been careful not to isolate the dads out there, and so they also have their Scout by PPB collection. Rustic and sexy, these messenger bags are created with leather or felt, making them tough and sturdy for dad to carry with masculine pride. These messenger scout-journey-gray-felt1bags still have amazing details that dad will love, like the ridiculous compartments and pockets to keep all his and baby’s things organized and easy to reach. There is truly no detail left out from this bag.

Well, on top of all of these amazing diaper bag designs, Petunia Pickle Bottom also let their amazing ideas create an array of layette sets, baby blankets, and baby slings. I can’t wait to see what new product or design they come up with next – I am sure it will be fabulous and unique and, well, obsession-worthy! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

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