Wall Art for Any Style

When you decide to fill your child’s room with art to personalize and liven up their space, most of the pieces you choose will be reflective of their personality. However, there are some pieces of artwork out there that are able to blend nicely with any color scheme, theme or personality type. The reason they have this universal appeal, if you will, is because of the colors and message being used in the artwork. These pieces are great options when you just need a little something extra but aren’t quite sure which way to go, or if you are just starting out and not completely sure what color or theme the room will become. For both boys and girls, it is important to have some of these universal pieces of art in their rooms to balance out the rest of the décor, keeping it from becoming overly thematic.

One example would be an ABC piece of artwork, which is great for the nursery or your grade school aged child. This type of artwork can serve as a learning tool, especially when interesting objects and illustrations are shown for each letter. I personally love the Classic Alphabet Girl Canvas by Oopsy Daisy, which features popular pastel colors that are muted enough to blend well with other pieces of décor and perfect for any girl’s room.


Another example of a universal type of artwork for boys would be a simple sports themed piece. Almost every boy loves sports at one time or another, but even if he prefers reading or building things, a simple piece of sports wall art will still fit in his room. There is a series of pieces by Green Frog Art including the Baseball one pictured below that are just great. Simple, neutral in color, and incredibly stylish, this framed art would blend well in any boy’s room.


I am a big fan of wooden wall plaques and think every child’s room should showcase one. They offer such a wonderful vintage feel and are able to blend in with any décor. There are so many different signs to choose from, but one that stands out to me as perfect for a boy’s room is the Three Old Goats Wood Sign, which you can personalize to say whatever you like. I also like how it is really theme neutral, but interesting and a great conversation piece.


Lastly, I would say that an abstract piece of art would work well with multiple themes and color schemes. Not every piece of art in your child’s room has to be theme-specific, and it is often a good idea to use at least one eye-catching piece for the sake of visual appeal.  This Blue Flames Canvas is a great piece for a boy’s room – it is very masculine but also a fun piece to offset the rest of his décor.


Keep your eye out for these types of wall art to start or complete your child’s room. Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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