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Just because they are pint-sized (for now, anyway!) doesn’t mean that your little boy or girl will not appreciate fine linens on their bed. They may not know what thread count is, or how there are different types of cotton, but when their head hits the pillow and they pull their sheets high up to their chin, they will feel as if they are falling asleep on a cloud. Luxury bedding sets are a step above, and they come with definite benefits for young and old alike. The fabrics are breathable, so they won’t be too hot or too cold, the sheets will be soft on their skin, almost soothing, the quality is superior, with amazing details and durability that guarantees many years without edges fraying, stitches ripping or seams pulling apart.

Typically, we don’t think of purchasing expensive bedding for our children, because they will probably ruin it. Right? Well, that just depends…if you allow your child to eat in their room, play with markers in their room, etc, then maybe you don’t want to invest in fine linens for them. However, if your child’s bedroom is just for non-messy activities, then a gorgeous bedding set will fit right in. Luxurious linens look amazing and have the ability to completely transform the bedroom into a magical place.

Most bedding sets that fall into the “luxury” category will not be overly themed, which will allow you to keep them in your child’s room for many years. You can always add their favorite passion of the moment into the room through art and other décor, so there is no need to worry that their space will not be personal enough.

Some luxury bedding sets that you can find on Rosenberry Rooms include designers like Doodlefish, Gordonsbury, and Little Bunny Blue. All of these designers are known for using superior fabrics and incorporating amazing details into their bedding sets. Here are three luxury linen sets that I think are fabulous…

Doodlefish: Princess Bedding – Everything about this set is fantastic, from the embroidery on the fabrics, to the soft hues, to the amazingly feminine and youthful feel. This is the type of bedding that transforms a little girl’s room into a wonderful haven for her to relax and sleep.


Little Bunny Blue: Stephanie Ann Bed Linens – the combinations of fabrics and the detailing throughout this set are just amazing. This is a wonderful shabby chic set that makes for a very feminine bedroom.


Gordonsbury: Sailing Away – This is a wonderful set for a little boy. It is so fresh and clean, with all of the appeal in the embroidery detailing throughout this set. The overall simplicity also allows you to personalize his room with plenty of color and exciting décor.


These are only a few of the luxury bedding sets that you can find on Rosenberry Rooms. Be sure to check out the entire luxury section which offers you options for art, décor and so much more. Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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  1. That is so right. I guess I am in the percentage of parents who think the kids will ruin the bedding. But now that I think of it, they do not really do that.

    And the feel of luxury bedding would be so much softer for the kids’ skin.

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