Hanging Wooden Letters for Kids

When it comes to naming our baby, it is not a simple process or one that parents take lightly. Typically it is the subject of the moment for almost the entire 9 months. Mom and dad are constantly harassed to reveal the name or at least to give some insight into what direction they are leaning – is it trendy? how about a family name? you know…great, uncle Rufus would be so honored… All the while mom and dad make and re-make and arrange and rearrange their list over and over trying to decide from their ultrasound photos which name suits their baby. They may not be sure if that is the nose or a thumb, but they definitely know that name is NOT the right one.

My point is that naming your child is something that we, as parents, have invested plenty of time, energy, thought and emotion into. What better way to celebrate their wonderful name than by proudly displaying it in the form of wooden hanging letters? There are many different options when you decide to purchase hanging wall letters – you can just have your child’s initials done, the full name, just the first name, all caps, all lowercase, whatever font you like… Some of the most popular letters that are sold on Rosenberry Rooms are from one designer that has adorable patterns, amazing quality and a great custom option where you get to choose all the details of color and pattern. Here are some of the top sellers for boys and girls from this designer.

The Kayla’s Butterfly Garden Letters are just so sweet and feminine, making them perfect for a nursery or little girl’s bedroom. I would choose for these to be made with the coordinating ribbon and also order the matching nail covers – that will really complete the look.


The Blues and Greens Letters are fresh and fun and will match a variety of boy’s room themes. The combination of colors and classic patterns make these letters perfect for a little boy’s nursery or a big kid’s bedroom.


The Green Paisley Splash are bright and energetic and perfect for the girl who likes things other than hearts and flowers. The colors are modern and the patterns are classic, making these wall letters stand out in any décor.


The Red and Chocolate Wall Letters are just superb. I love how the colors are strong and refined but still youthful. These letters are a great addition to your little boy’s decor and will add to the overall feel of the room.


Celebrate your child’s name with these great hanging letters offered on Rosenberry Rooms and remember, they make wonderful Christmas presents! Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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