A Black and White Room

Sometimes keeping it simple and I mean really simple has the most dramatic effect. A great example of this would be in a black and white themed nursery. The combination of black and white makes us think of formal things – weddings, cocktail parties, the opera – any event that would make your husband shine his shoes before going! Some may think this is too heavy looking, or stuffy for a nursery, but I beg to differ. It is elegant, charming, and sophisticated, making it the perfect combination for your baby’s first room.
The details of how you pull it all together are completely up to you. You may prefer a black area rug instead of white because you have older children and just know there will be spills and stains. But if this is your first baby, you probably are not as worried about that, and a white shag rug will do just fine. I have seen the furniture and bedding both ways: white furniture with mostly black bedding and black furniture with mostly white bedding and either way, it looks great. I think any way you plan it out, the nursery will look excellent, just be sure to keep everything black and white. Don’t fall into the common trap of thinking it needs just a little splash of color – it doesn’t! Also, don’t go with black and cream or black and linen – it really will not look the same. Now, for the wall colors, I think it is okay to have a slight hue in there for a girl – maybe the palest pink or lavender if you really want to, but even a pale shade of grey for both a boy and girl will look stunning. Now on to some great black and white products that you can find on Rosenberry Rooms…

Lizzie Crib Linens by Little Bunny Blue – I just love this set because it is so crisp and has such great details, like the pleating on the crib skirt and the black buttons and trim. This is sophisticated but still youthful with the choice of tiny white and black dot fabric throughout. Notice also how they have a pale pink on the walls…it does not take away from the bedding and furniture at all.


Aladin Lamp by Maura Daniel – This lamp is a great modern piece that really catches your eye. Their use of different shapes and patterns throughout, really come together in an energizing way.

Central Park Wall Letters – Toile can mix and match with so many other styles of décor and looks especially wonderful in a nursery. These wall letters can also make the transition from nursery to the big kid room even if you change from a black and white theme, making them a great choice for personalized wall décor.

Classic Rock Adult Glider by Jennifer DeLonge – Every parent should have a comfy glider in the nursery for the many hours of holding, feeding, soothing, and reading to baby. For the modern parent, this Classic Rock Glider is perfect. The two-tone look makes it interesting and the black and white combination it is so hip. This is another piece that can move out of the nursery when you transition to the big kid room, except it can actually go to any other room in your house!

Choosing to decorate in a black and white theme for the nursery will result in a sophisticated and stunning place to welcome baby home. Be sure to check out the other black and white pieces Rosenberry Rooms has so that you can get inspired to create a dream nursery for your little one! Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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