Why Buy Fabric by the Yard

punch-pink-topiary-fabric1Over the weekend I was trying to better organize my girl’s toys (specifically their blocks and Legos) when I came up with a quick and easy solution that I thought I would share. I was tired of looking at the clear plastic bag that their Legos lived in and the broken tub we still used for the blocks, and I wanted something a little bit different that looked nice too (of course). The bins I had were too big and awkward for my purpose, and I really wanted it to be easy to transfer them from room to room and for the kids to clean up as well. So, I decided to sew a couple of “bags” – one for blocks and one for Legos. I happened to have some fabric left over from when I made the crib set, however it would have been the perfect excuse to buy some great fabric by the yard. Typically we think of buying extra fabric to make matching throw pillows, window treatments or other bedroom-related things, but why not make toy storage bags or other fun pieces out of fabrics that you love? Almost every bedding designer on Rosenberry Rooms offers the option to buy additional fabric by the yard, which is great for so many projects. Besides creating toy bags as I did, here are some other ways you can utilize fabric by the yard that you may not have thought of.

Laundry Bag – this is so simple and a great way to teach your child to clean up and fold their own laundry. A laundry bag will fit right in their closet, and be easy to carry to the laundry room. You can make these bags unique and fitting to your child’s personality, and each child can have their own, making them very personal and fun!

sock-monkey-fabric-by-new-arrivals-inc2Doll Blanket / Bedding – purchase a few extra yards of the fabric used in your child’s duvet and you can create mini bedding pieces for their doll crib or cradle. This is actually the next project for me – the bedding that came with the cradle we bought is not cute by any means. For those who have a cradle or crib handed down from grandparents, this is also a great way to make it look fresh and new, plus your little girl will be so excited that her dolly has such a special place to sleep!

Play Kitchen Towels – Making one or two dish towels for the play kitchen area is another easy way to incorporate fabrics that you love. You could even do a set of three (large towel, med towel and small towel), using several complementary fabrics. If you feel really creative, you could also make a runner and cloth napkins for their play table and chair set.

The possibilities to personalize your child’s bedroom or playroom are endless when you purchase a little bit of fabric by the yard. Great designer fabrics are easy to purchase through places like Rosenberry Rooms, where you can also request swatches before ordering just to be sure the colors are exactly what you are looking for. Check out their fabric by the yard section here and realize the potential that every piece of fabric has! Happy decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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