Stray Dog Designs – A Must Have

I have to say that when I enter a room and see at least one amazing, stand-out, unique piece of décor, it truly transforms the entire house into an exciting, think outside the box kind of place. When I talk about unique décor, there is one designer in particular that I think of, and absolutely adore. The vision behind Stray Dog Designs is so fantastic that if I could, I would claim it as my own! Their collection includes lighting, furniture, and accessories that are distinct and a little eccentric, but eccentric in a good way. You know, the way that makes you turn your head and take a second look, then walk up closer and look at it again; the way that makes you think, wow, wish I had thought of that; the way that necessitates owning a piece for your home. Okay, well I guess it is obvious that I am a huge fan, and now I will highlight some of their pieces so that you too will fall madly in love with their work. I have to tell you though, that for me to only highlight a few is not an easy task by any means, so once you get a little taste, you have to go to their complete collection…it is well worth the time!

White Bird Mirror
Oh, where to begin with this?! Just look at the design! The elegant and ornate scrolling is contrasted with the large, simple silhouette of a bird that is perched proudly on top. The mix of ornate and simple, the hammered iron, the white color all make this mirror a piece of decor that will beautify the room in which it hangs.


Birdcage Chandelier
As if the name itself wasn’t enough, I have actually seen this in person at the (soon to be open) Rosenberry Rooms’ Design Center and it is (for lack of better words) just so cool! The pink is just perfect…bright and cheery and not at all like the dreaded Pepto Bismol tone we all fear. Plus the concept of having a birdcage as a lighting fixture is just so fun and what a focal point for the room! Not only that, boy is it big. This is one chandelier that will not just blend into the background – it will up and smack you on the side of the head in a way that will make you giddy like a child.


Bright Color Box Set
For those who love to organize, like myself, these are a treasure found. They are so bright and cheery, not to mention made of tin so they are nice and sturdy. Who wouldn’t want these in their home, even if you can’t think of anything to put in them?! I think for a playroom, these are a fantastic way to sort toys, all the while looking absolutely amazing! Perhaps in the nursery or bedroom…heck, they really can go anywhere you want to make a daring and bold statement.


Well, there are many other lighting fixtures and accessories by Stray Dog that I love, but you will just have to shop their line yourself! Have fun and bring something truly special and unique into your home with this incredible designer. Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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