Deciding on the Right Diaper Bag

Baby is growing fast inside you and it is time to start getting a list of all your baby essentials together so your family and friends will know exactly what you want, need, and can’t live without. On your list will inevitably be a diaper bag which seems like the easy decision, until you start looking. You just want a simple, brown bag. Or do you? Suddenly you start to realize just how many different styles, fabrics, patterns and overall options you have when choosing a diaper bag. Now the plain brown bag doesn’t seem so perfect. Amidst the overload of information and options, I will let you know the basic styles that are available to you, hopefully making it a little bit easier for you to decide which one will suit your needs just right. Then you can have fun deciding on what color and pattern fits your personal style!

Messenger – this type of bag is great because it is worn over the shoulder, allowing you to carry baby or push the stroller without it slipping down your arm or restricting your movements. Typically they are made with a flap, which also allows all baby’s things to stay secure and safe inside, eliminating the possibility of everything falling out when you lean over or set it down. The messenger style diaper bags will also look more like a laptop or school bag, which is great for those who really don’t want the “look” of a diaper bag. This style is perfect for trips to the zoo, museum or any other place where you want versatility and a hands-free type of bag. One of my favorites is by Holly Aiken who makes amazing vinyl bags in several sizes and styles. The Black and White Daytona Airship Messenger bag gives you plenty of room to carry the essentials, external and internal pockets, matching changing pad and adjustable strap. The added bonus is the hip and urban style that is fitting for both mom and dad.

Tote – this is a familiar style for women, because it is just like a purse only it is large enough to hold all of baby’s things. Very easy to get in and out of, you can really stuff it to the max, which is perfect for the woman who needs to carry everything with her all the time. A diaper tote is the answer when you plan to spend time going to the pool or if you have more than one child to pack for. Women love the diaper tote because of its similarities to a purse, but it isn’t as enjoyable for dad to carry, so keep that in mind. JP Lizzy designs some really fantastic diaper totes that are classy and stylish. I personally like their Scarlett Poppies Diaper Tote which looks so fresh and fun, and has all the pockets to keep everything in its proper place.


Backpack – this style of diaper bag is very popular because it appeals to dads more than any other. Another great point is that it offers hands-free carrying, much like the messenger bag, but with more space. You will usually find more pockets, dividers, and sections in a backpack, allowing you to really keep everything organized and in its own compartment. Ju Ju Be creates every style of bag you can imagine, but I truly love their Be Right Back backpack diaper bag. Mommy compartments, magnetic outside pocket for wipes, and elastic bands to hold diapers flat are just a few of the things that make this every parents dream diaper bag. They offer basic colors if you want it to be subtle, but if you prefer to have a stand out type of bag, just look at their Sienna Swirl pattern below…too fun!


Now spend some time looking at all of your options, and be happy that you don’t have to choose from the ABC and teddy bear patterns of years gone by! Lastly, always make sure you look at the dimensions of the bag you are interested in – pictures don’t always give you the right indication of how big or small it is. Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

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