Back To School Basics

These days everyone is preparing for their kiddies to head back to school. We are preparing our toddler for preschool which starts in just 2 weeks…where did summer go?! Well, now that our focus is lunches, homework assignments, and carpools (among the sports and activities after school) I thought it would be good to highlight some of the fun school basics that Rosenberry Rooms has. You may or may not be needing a new desk, but there are also plenty of other fun basics that will make your child’s first day or return day to school fun and exciting.

Desk and Hutch – giving your child a place that is theirs will make homework and assignment time much more interesting and easier to get done. Now there are so many different styles of desks and hutches that you can go as simple as you like or get one that basically stores and organizes everything but your child! Choose based on your child’s age and how many years of school they have as well as how much space there is in their room. For a toddler who is just starting out, you can simply choose the desk portion and wait on the hutch until they are further along and will need the storage for books and other personal items. Don’t forget that many desks now have the option of a keyboards drawer that slides out, which is convenient and very practical especially as your child grows and will inevitably be using a computer. Lastly, style is obviously a big factor, but there is no need to worry there…traditional, modern, or somewhere in between you will find one you love. Personally I love the over all style of the Treasures Desk and Hutch by Alligator Enterprise – they have awesome color combinations and great features like a file drawer and slide out keyboard tray. Alligator Enterprise is a wonderful children’s furniture line altogether, definitely worth every penny.


Lunch Box – why not bring back the memories from your own childhood and get a cool personalized lunch box for back to school? Let’s face it, they are much more exciting that a brown paper bag, and in the end will save you some change. There are a few styles out there that are really cute, but one of my favorites is the Robot Personalized Lunch Box. Not only is the design great, it is personalized, and has a slew of features like being lead free, waterproof and food safe, plus having a dry erase sheet affixed to the inside of the lunchbox lid – perfect for leaving a note for your child. This designer offers plenty of other styles for both boys and girls…you will be able to match your child’s personality perfectly!

Memo Boards, Cork Boards, Chalkboards – Let’s be honest, the part about back to school that is not so fun is trying to keep everything organized, schedules straight and calendars in sync. So, what better way than for each child to have their own board to have reminders and lists of activities, assignments and other important dates for the week and month? I think it is the best way to keep on top of everything, and there are some really fun options out there to choose from these days. You can opt for something more simple just framed in wood, or if you want to really personalize it, you can go with something a little more “interesting”. I absolutely love the Pink Patent Leather Memo Board – what a great idea to use white patent leather as the background fabric…any girl would love this, it is just fantastic!

Some other things that would be great for back to school are items from eeBoo like their alphabet wall cards, counting cards, memory games, and language flash cards. You can check out all of the eeBoo line here. There is also some great art by Oopsy Daisy such as the mural banners of the world and the USA which are tools for learning as well as pieces of décor. Check out their mural banners here.

Enjoy the chaos of these back to school days and happy shopping!
Adriana M Dehring

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