Timeless Themes for Your Boy's Room

Since my last entry was about timeless themes for girl’s rooms, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some themes and patterns for boy’s rooms as well. Although boys are generally simpler than girls, decorating their room in a great theme can be just as difficult. The struggle with boy’s rooms is keeping it age appropriate (fun and youthful) but also strong and masculine. If you are a parent that has absolutely no idea where to begin with your boy’s room, don’t worry! I have highlighted some classic themes for boy’s rooms that will not grow old or outdated. These are a great foundation for his nursery or bedroom and you can add fun accent pieces which will truly personalize the space for him.

Plaid – This is one of the simplest themes to use for a boy’s room, whether for his nursery or big boy bedroom. Plaid is a classic pattern, a little preppy and a very good base for any additional décor that you may want to add. Keeping larger pieces of décor with this pattern (such as bedding, rug, and lighting) will give you a strong and coherent look throughout his room. Feel free to add other design elements like what you see in this Windowpane Plaid Twin Duvet by Whistle and Wink to add interest and really personalize just for your little guy. I love the pattern and color combination that they use…it gives you a vintage feel but remains modern and fresh at the same time.


Nautical – At first this may seem a little too specific of a theme, but to achieve a nautical look, you really are just keeping the tones in the room a little more monochromatic with blues and white / beige. A nautical room is very masculine and allows you to really have fun in the details. For a nursery, you can expand your décor to include sailboats and lighthouses, and for an older child, focus on oars, ropes, and compasses. I chose to highlight the Sailboat Iron Bed by Corsican which I love because it makes such a statement, and is a piece of furniture that you can build the entire room around.


Stripes – Stripes are incredibly versatile and can be used for either girl or boy, but I prefer them in a boy’s room, where you can use larger, bolder stripes and colors, creating a great focal point of the room. Much like plaid, you can use other design elements and patterns, giving you endless possibilities to personalize his room. Looking at the Asher Bedding by Serena & Lily, the strong color choice makes a great starting point for the room. They pair this with a diamond pattern sheet set and also offer a star sheet set as an option – both complement the stripe well and make for a very masculine room.


There are obviously many other options when decorating for a boy’s room; however these are great basic themes that give you versatility and will not get old anytime soon. Check out these other themed room options on Rosenberry Rooms and let your creativity and inner designer take over…happy decorating!

Adriana Dehring

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  1. I love the brown room. I just finished doing my son’s room. I did a nautical theme. Check out the pictures on my site.

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